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Q: How many community chest squares are on a monopoly board?
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The orange card is chance in monopoly what is the yellow card?

Community Chest.

How many community chess cards in monopoly?

16In Monopoly (the Parker Bros. game) there is a deck of 16 Chance cards and a deck of 16 Community Chest cards.

What is the name of the moustachioed man in the middle of the Monopoly board?

== == Originally, the mascots name was Rich Uncle Pennybags, But, since 1998, Hasbro officially renamed him Mr.Monopoly. He has appeared in the second O in Monopoly since 1985, and on the community chest cards since 1936. Are you looking for Mr. Monopoly or moneybags?

When you get the Community chest card Collect 200?

When a person draws a Community Chest card in the game of Monopoly, they do not automatically collect $200. The person has to read the card and do what it says.

How much Monopoly money do you get for finishing second in a beauty contest?

$10 It is a Community Chest card.

What are all of the names and colors of monopoly?

Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana Avenues.

What are the two different types of cards in monopoly?

There are actually three: Chance, Community Chest, and the property cards.

What is on a monopoly board community chest and what?

The community chest cards in monoply are used as special cards in the game. You could lose some moves or win money or you could even go to jail. This makes the game even more fun because it makes it more harder for people to win sometimes.

I lost the instructions. When are the challenge cards used in America Monopoly?

When your gamepiece lands on Chance or Community Chest, you pick a card off the top of the stack.

Is monopoly a zero sum game?

No. A zero-sum game is a game in which players deal only with each other, and there is no way to gain "resources" outside of that. There are squares such as "Chance", "Community Chest", Go, (and in some house-rules games, Free Parking) which give the player money. Obviously, this money does not come from another player, and is instead "created" on demand. This is what makes Monopoly a non-zero-sum game.

What are the places on an American Monopoly Board?

One of them was Marvin Gardens Atlantic Avenue and Ventnor Avenue are the others.

In the game monopoly for the community chest street repairs do you pay for all properties or just your properties?

Answer You only pay for your own properties - all. The price escalates when you have houses/ hotels for repairs