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Vivaldi wrote 46 operas and hundreds of concertos, as well as sinfonias, sonatas, chamber music, sacred music, and one of his best known works, The Four Seasons (Le Quattro Stagioni), in which he attempted to capture the moods of the four seasons through his music.

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Why was antonio vivaldi famous for?

He became famous by his many music compositions.

What did Vivaldi write?

Vivaldi composed a large number of compositions of all types. His most famous piece is a series of four violin concertos called I quattro stagioni known in English as the Four Seasons.

What did Vivaldi write music for?

Vivaldi is considered one of the composers who brought Baroque music (with its typical contrast among heavy sonorities) to evolve into a classical style.

How many compositions did Mozart make?

He made 626 compositions.

How many compositions did Mozart write?

Mozart made 626 compositions

How many songs did Antonio Vivaldi write?

Antonio Vivaldi wrote a total of 611 works.

Who did antonio vivaldi marry?

Vivaldi never got married but had children, nobody knows how many though

How many brothers and sisters did Vivaldi have?

Vivaldi had 5 siblings, Margarita, Cecilia, Bonaventura, Zanetta, and Francesco.

How many compositions did maurice Ravel write in his lifetime?

what compositions did maurice ravel write

How many kids did Antonio Vivaldi have?


Vivaldi concerto has how many movements?


How many siblings did Antonio Vivaldi have?

he had five.

What is the full name of Vivaldi?

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi is the full name of Vivaldi.

Which is better vivaldi or Mozart?


What did many of Paul Cezanne's compositions rely on?

Paul Cezanne's compositions relied on the use of basic shapes.

How many violin concertos did Vivaldi write?


How many songs has Antonio Vivaldi written?


What are facts about Vivaldi?

vivaldi was born in England :)

When was Vivaldi Dead?

Vivaldi was dead at 1741

Who wrote Vivaldi The Four Seasons'?


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In the related links box below, I posted the information. It is the wikipedia article on his compositions.

Who is antonio vivaldi?

Antonio Vivaldi was a famous musicien.

How many concertos did Antonio Vivaldi write?

about 500 i think