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Q: How many container will you need will you need to hold the lemonade?
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How many gallon jugs would you need to hold 3 and third quarter gallons of lemonade?


How big a container do you need to hold 2000 g of gasoline?

A 2 L container is sufficient.

How many gallons of water would an oval container hold?

you need to quote the dimensions of the container, otherwise how could we calculate the capacity. Or alternatively, take a graduated jug and fill it yourself

How much water can 10 cm length hold?

The amount of water that they 10 cm container can hold is dependent upon the size of the container. The container can be 10 cm tall, or in length, but you also need to know the circumference.

How big of box is needed to hold a tun of corn?

You would need a container that can hold about 60 pounds or approximately 40 bushels.

How many gallons of water would an 8 foot by 16 foot container hold?

You haven't said how deep it is. To measure volume you need three dimensions.

How big of a container in liters would you need to hold 2000 g of gasoline?

you would have 2.857 LITERS.

How many cbms per 53' container?

You need to give the width and height of the container as well as the length

How many lemons should I use to make summer lemonade?

The amount of lemons really depends upon how much lemonade you are making. Generally half a lemon will make one cup. So according to the amount of lemonade you need you will need 1 lemon for every 2 cups.

How are the mass and volume of a substance related?

They are related because the volume is how much a container can hold and the mass is how much it weighs so they are related because you need to no how much a container can hold before u no how much it wieghs

What is a recipe for one serving of lemonade?

For one cup of lemonade all you need is to cut a lemonade in a half, then squeeze all the juice out, and if you like your lemonade sweet; You can add honey.

What is the difference between capacity and amount?

Capacity is a measure of the quantity that a container can hold. There need not be anything in the container. The amount is some measure of an object - it can be the value (amount of money), volume (amount of water), mass (amount of matter).