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A game of Jeopardy has three contestants.

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Do the jeopardy contestants know how much each bets at the end of the show?

The Final Jeopardy bets are revealed after the 30 seconds of writing time ends. Before then, the contestants don't know how much the other contestants bet.

What are the answers to Jeopardy?

There are no answers to the Jeopardy TV Show as they do new questions each time the contestants want a question.

How many seconds do you have to answer a first round jeopardy question?

There is a 5 second time limit and then the value of the clue is deducted and the other contestants can ring in

How many times has there been only one player in final jeopardy?

The Jeopardy Archive claims it is only the second time that it happened in the Show's history In the old Art Fleming Jeopardy they have ended with no contestants able to play final Jeopardy because everyone's score was zero or below. That Makes the March 16 2011 Game result of only one contestant able to play Final Jeopardy not a record or a Tie of an existing record. The Jeopardy Archive does note that it is the second single final Jeopardy in the Show's history see related link

Does jeopardy give the categories to the contestants?

The categories for each round are revealed to the contestants at the same time they are revealed on the show. The players have absolutely no advance knowledge of the material, or the categories, before playing each round.

How did they select contestants for the Ultimate Tournament of Champions?

"The tournament involved 145 contestants, all of whom were winners of past tournaments or past five-time champions, and was designed to produce two contestants who would face off in a three-game, cumulative-score final against Ken Jennings, who had won the most money in Jeopardy! regular play history"see related linkThe selection criteria does not mean that there could not be reasons the contestant was not on the show. Health, career and a wide range of reasons could prevent a contestant from appearing in the tournament and the 145 is the number who were contestants not the number selected by Jeopardy.

Do contestants on Deal or No Deal know they are going to be picked before the game starts?

Contestants on deal or no deal do know ahead of time that they will be picked

Do you always have to answer in the form of a question?

All responses must be phrased in the form of a question. During the Jeopardy! Round, contestants are not penalized for forgetting to phrase a response in the form of a question, although the host will remind contestants to watch their phrasing on future clues. During the Double Jeopardy! Round, adherence to the phrasing rule is followed more strictly, but contestants are still permitted to correct themselves before their time runs out.

Has jeopardy ever ended with one contestant?

In the original Art Fleming Version of Jeopardy their was at least one time when none of the contestants fiinshed Double Jeopardy with more than $0 and so the did not even have a final Jeopardy Clue that day. On March 16th, 2011 only one contestant finished Double Jeopardy with a positive amount and went on to play Final Jeopardy alone.

How long do jeopardy winners wait for their winnings?

Generally, contestants will have to wait 90-120 days to receive their winnings. However, the amount of time can vary, and is only an estimate.

When did nobody finish above 0 in jeopardy?

It apparently happened at least once, maybe twice, on the original Art Fleming version. Because nobody could play Final Jeopardy, Art talked to the contestants to fill the time normally filled by Final Jeopardy. It is not known to have happened on the current version.

When can you buzz on Jeopardy?

After Alex finishes reading the answer. There's a light that goes off (which the home viewers can't see) when the contestants can buzz in to respond. On the Art Fleming versions and the first season of the current version, contestants could buzz in at any time after the answer was revealed, which was changed due to contestants buzzing in too early and not being able to come up with an answer when they were called on to respond.

Has the time to answer the final jeopardy question changed?

No it has not. It has always been thirty seconds, and the light pens that are used by the contestants to write down their responses stop working at the end of the thirty allotted seconds.

Do contestants on jeopardy know the question before the show airs?

Sure the show was taped long before they air the program. You might mean "Did they know in advance that the question was going to be asked?" That's like asking if the show is a total fraud that passes out a list of questions and tells the contestants to study them. In truth, for the contestants, it's sort of like The Tonight Show's 'sidewalk all-stars'. The sketch is funny because most of us know the answer to the question Jay is asking. Many of the answers to the Jeopardy questions are known by all three contestants, but only one wins a chance to answer by ringing in first. Remember, they are on the show because they pride themselves on being able to answer trivia questions. They would not like to have the questions passed out ahead of time to everyone because they feel they would lose their advantage. So, in a sense, they know the answer to the question before the team of writers for Jeopardy even made up the question. With travel and lodging as high as it is some of the 3rd place finishers lose money for the chance to be on the show.

What is the least amount anyone's won on a single jeopordy show?

Wikipedia said that on the original Jeopardy with Art Fleming as host there was a time when all three contestants had $0 or less and a final Jeopardy round was not even played. However it also said that "On the show aired January 19, 1993, Air Force Lt. Col. Darryl Scott won the game with only $1; he won another $13,401 the next day." See related link

What are the rules for the game show Jeopardy?

3 contestants (2 new & one returning champion) are shown 6 subjects, each with five even $ values below, $200-$1000. The Returning champion chooses the first subject and $ value (e.g: Literature for $200). The clue is then read aloud to the contestants. Once the clue is finished being read, the contestants can try to answer. The first contestant to press his/her buzzer in the hand gives an answer. If the answer is right, that $ value with that clue is added to the contestant's score . A wrong answers will subtract the $ from the contestant's score. In the first round, there is 1 hidden clue called the "daily double". If a contestant chooses the daily double clue, only that contestant gets to try to answer & he/she can risk any or all of his/her points. In the second round, the Double jeopardy round, there are 2 "daily doubles" and all the clue values are doubled ($400-$2000). The contestant with the lowest score chooses first. If a contestant(s) has a negative score at the end of Double Jeopardy, he/she is eliminated from the game. In the final round, any/all remaining contestants are shown a final subject & clue, then the show goes to a commercial to give the contestants time to make their bids. The contestants have 30 seconds to answer the final clue. after all the bids are added/subtracted, the player(s) with the most $ wins and comes back for the next game All answers must be in the form of a question. During the first round you will be allowed to ask it in question form if your answer was not in question form. During the second round the answer will be considered wrong if not answered in a question format.. Second and third place finishers will receive prizes for second and third instead of keeping the money won during that night's game.

What TV game show hit it big the third time around in 1984?

According to our morning trivia show question the answer is Jeopardy

Is there a Whose Line Is It Anyway game?

Yes there is! "Who's Line is it Anyway?" is a game show hosted by Drew Carey. If you have Time Warner Cable, you can watch this show at 11:00pm on weekdays on channel 1105. Some contestants that I know of include Collin Mockrey, Ryan Stiles, and Brad Sherwood, and Wayne, but some others have appeared on the show too. On this show, suggestions are taken from little envelopes and from the audience and the contestants have to think of as many funny things as they can based on those suggestions. Some of these games include Scenes from a Hat, where Drew Carey pulls out little scenes from a hat that the contestants have to act out, Scene to Rap, where the contestants act out a scene but have to be rapping the whole time, Who's Line, where the contestants are given random lines which they must use during a scene, Hoedown, which is basically a hoedown, Change, where the contestants act out a scene and one person says change. When that person says "Change," the last person that said something has to change the last line they said. Also, there is Examples, where the contestants have to come up with examples of whatever the host says, and my favorite, Props, where the contestants come up with as many possible funny ideas they can come up with based on the props they are given. But there are many more games on the show. I suggest you see the show for yourself. Remember, if you have Time Warner Cable, you can see this awesome show on channel 1105 at 11:00pm on weekdays.

Do contestants on the TV show Jeopardy know the category names in advance?

No. The categories are selected at random from a specific set, and there is a period of time between the uses of any single category. Rarely, a category will be one in which none of the three has any expertise, and all will flounder.

What does first person out of survivor get?

It depends on how many contestants are chosen for the season. They probably make between $1,000 - $2,500, for their time and efforts.

What is the average single game jeopardy winning score?

Single games scores range up to $77,000 and at one time the prize sizes were smaller. The Jeopardy Archive does not list the Average winning score or amount and most winners are between 10 and 20 thousand dollars a game

A sentence for jeopardy?

By the time he realised he was in jeopardy, it was too late.His actions had put the whole base in jeopardy.

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