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There are 45 contries in Europe

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What countries got the Black Plague?

Contries in europe.

The new world was mainly explored and colonized by contries from?


What European contries border the Black Sea?

Denmark in Europe.

Does a Taiwanese citizen need a visa for travel to Europe?

yes. You need a Shengen visa, good for many contries including Switzerland.

How many contries enter the Olympics?

ther are 16 contries doing the winter olympics.

When was capital punishment brought over from Europe to the America?

when was capital punishment brought in to the contries

Why are Europe and Asia different continents?

europe and asia are different contenents because they are seperated and have contries in them although the are both parts or china

How many contries are in Texas?

there are 254

How many contries in asia?


How many contries are in Georgia?


How many contries are there in Canada?

one it is CANADA

How many European contries are landlocked?

there are 6

Is Scandinavia in Antarctica?

No, Scandinavia is a part of Europe. It consists of the contries Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

What countries did Germany invade and occupy in World War 2?

Germany invaded several contries in Europe

What countries are not euro?

Most countries in the world are not in the Euro. Most (not all) the contries in Europe use Euro but that's about it

How many countries are in Afria?

there are 54 contries in africa

How many contries will be competing in the 2012 Olympics?


How many contries are involved in the 2012 Olympics?


How many countries use hydropower?

10 contries I think

How many contries are in the asia mahadeep and its name?

sri lanka

How many countries have one direction visited?

4,00 contries

How many contries does Mexico border?

Mexico borders 3 countries

How many countries had been in war with England?

there is 100,00 contries in england.

What are the contries in North America?

the Contries are United States Of America, Canada, and Mexico.

How many countries are on the continents of south America?

there are 13 contries on South America

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