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acording to 31 million have been sold

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Q: How many copies of Anne Franks diary have been sold?
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How many copies of Anne Frank's diary have been sold?

31 million copies of "The Diary Of Anne Frank" were sold world wide, in all its versions.

How many copies of Anne's franks diary been sold?

More than 30 million.

How many copies of Anne Frank's diary have been published?

More than 20 million

How many copies of Anne Franks diaries have been sold worldwide?

there have been over 13000 sold thank by elizabeth bar.r

Who saved anne franks diary?

Miep Gies managed to hide the diary from the Germans when they invaded the Secret Annex. Miep later gave the diary to Otto Frank, Anne's father, once it had been confirmed that Anne would not be returning from the concentration camp. She had been saving it to return it to Anne.

How many languages was Anne Franks book written in?

Anne Frank wrote her diary in Dutch, but it has been translated into almost every other language.

What language did anne franks diary get published in?

It was originally published in Dutch, and has since been translated into just about every language you can name.

Anne franks first diary entry?

This is Anne's first diary entry:I hope I will be able to confide everything to you, as I have never been able to confide in anyone, and I hope you will be a great source of comfort and support.

How has anne franks accomplishment affected the world?

by writing a diary people understand what it was like living as a Jew 79 years ago. Anne's diary has been a big inspiration to people all over the world, it has mostly been an inspiration to Jews

What was Anne franks first diary entry?

I hope I will be able to confide everything to you,as I have never been able to confide in anyone,and I hope you will be agreat source of comfort and support.

What languages has Anne Frank's diary been translated into?

The Diary of Anne Frank has been published in over 60 different languages.

What was the DAY Otto frank published Annes diary?

Otto Frank publishes Anne Franks diary on June 25,1947by making 1,500 copies of her diary in dutch to fulfill hisdaughters wish of the book being published to show thetrouble the holocaust put them through and that it wasa senseless act of hatred against Jews which I knowingthis sickens me every time I read about the holocaustbecause it could have been stopped sooner then whenwe tried to help.

What is anne franks friend jopie's last name?

"Jopie" was a pseudonym Anne made up for her - in all later editions of the Diary, the pseudonyms have been dropped, and all characters are referred to by their own names. "Jopie" was - and still is- Jacqueline van Maarsen.

Anne Franks diary has been translated into dozens of different languages and is read throughout the world Why has the diary had such an enormous impact?

because people are interested by her life in hiding * Also it is ONE of the best documented sources about what life was like for the Jews during the war.

How many copies of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series have been sold?

28 millionOver 15,000,000 copies have been sold to date.

What happens in Anne Franks story?

Anne Frank (a young Dutch girl) hid with her family (they were Jewish), in a tiny false room, from the Germans when they invaded their country (Holland) in the second world war. She wrote a diary of the events over a long period. Eventually they were discovered. Anne Frank died in a German Concentration Camp. You owe it to her to read her diary, which has been published in many languages.

Who in anne's life died shortly before Anne began her dieary and how did that affect anne?

Anne's maternal grandmother, whom Anne called "Oma" had been living with the Franks for the last year of her life. She died of intestinal cancer in January of 1942, and Anne sorely missed her. Even much later in the Annex, Anne still refers in her diary to how much she missed her grandmother.

Does the book Anne Frank the Diary of a Young Girl say who betrayed Anne and her family?

The Diary of a young girl is Anne Frank's real diary. The last time Anne wrote in her diary was 1 August 1944 and the family was betrayed on 4 August 1944. Anne had no idea that they were going to be betrayed so, she wouldn't have been able to write it in her diary. Outside the diary, the one who informed the German police about them is still unknown and probably always will be.

What are some good Anne Frank questions?

1. When was Anne Frank born? 2. What were her parents and sister's names? 3. What war did her father serve in and for what country? 4. Why is this ironic? 5. What did the Dutch Opekta Company sell? 6. When did Germany invade the Netherlands? 7. Where was the Secret Annex located? 8. Who else went into hiding with the Franks? 9. When did they go into hiding? 10.Why did they go into hiding? 11. How long did they live in the Secret Annex? 12. When were they captured? 13. Who were the four helpers? 14. When did they go to Auschwitz? 5. Who went to Bergen-Belsen and when? 16. Of all the Secret Annex members who survived the Holocaust ? 1. When did Anne receive her diary and what was the occasion? 2. What did she name her diary? 3. Why did this diary become so important? 4. Did Anne intend to have the diary published and why? 1. Who published her diary? 2. Why did he publish it? 3. How many copies have been sold? 4. How many languages has it been translated in?

How many articles are about Anne Frank?

At this point, many thousands of articles have been written about Anne and her diary.

How many languages have the diary of anne frank been translated in?


How many languages is Anne Frank's diary published in?

The diary has been published in more than 50 languages

How many languages did Anne Frank's diary get published into?

Anne's diary has been published in 55 languages at last count.

When was Anne Frank's diary found?

Anne Frank was arrested on 4th August 1944. Soon after arrest, Miep Gies found her diary and kept it. In July 1945 when Anne died, Miep decided to give the diary to her father Otto Frank. Miep Gies, who has been keeping diary, died earlier this year.

Who found Anne Frank's diary after she was captured?

Her father, Otto Heinrich Frank, escaped from a death camp and found Anne Frank's diary where they had been hiding. He later had it published as a book.