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20 countries have held the Olympics.


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The first modern Olympics were held in 1896. Fourteen countries sent representatives to compete in this male only Olympics in Athens.

London, England is going to be the only countrie to have held the Olympics three times. So far they have held it in 1908 and 1948. In 2012 they will be holding the Olympics again. Many countries have held the Olympics twice. Such as Greece and Australia.

The 1964 Winter Olympics were held in Innsbruk, Austria and the 1964 Summer Olympics were held in Tokyo, Japan.

The first modern Olympics were held in Athens, Greece, where the ancient Olympics originated. Since then, the Olympics have been held in countries all over the world.The next one will be held in London, England, in 2012.

60 olympics held so far

there is 205 countries in the Olympics there is 205 countries in the Olympics

252 countries are partisipating in olympics

There are 200 countries at the 2010 olympics.

there are 204 countries in the olympics

They compete when the olympic are held. They are one of hte few countries at all the Olympics.

Bejing has held the summer Olympics once.

The Olympics were not held in 1978.

there are 204 countries in the Olympics.

Twice.The 1964 Winter Olympics and the 1976 Winter Olympics were both held in Innsbruck.

The Olympics has been held 8 times in the United States.

In Greece, 1896, was when the first "modern" Olympics were held.

There will be 205 countries competing in the Beijing Olympics.

203 countries currently participate in the Olympics

216 countries will participate in 2012 Olympics.....

204 countries were represented in the 2008 Summer Olympics.

The answer is 1. The only summer Olympics held in Canada was in 1976 held in Montreal, Quebec.

i think so the olympics were not held 3 times In 1916,1940 and 1944

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