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How many cubes does 2 by 3 by 4 hold?

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2 cubes wide x 3 cubes long x 4 cubes high.

2 X 3 X4

6 X 4

24 cubes

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How many cubes does it hold for 2 by 3 by 5?


How many cubes would you need to build a stack that was 3 cubes long 2 cubes high and 4 cubes deep?

The answer probably is 3*2*4 = 24 unit cubes but you could also do it with 10 cubes: 2 cubes of size 2*2*2 and 8 unit cubes. The question does not require the cubes to be unit cubes.

How many centimeter cubes does 3 by 4 by 6 centimeters hold?


How many cubes would you need to build a stack the was 3 cubes long 2 cubes high and 4 cubes deep?

24 cubes would be it.

HOW MANY CUBes if you have 3 rows of 3 cubes?

3 cubes x 3 rows = 9 cubes

If figure 1 has 3 cubes figure 2 has 10 cubes figure 3 has 29 cubes and figure 4 has 66 cubes how many cubes will figure 10 have?

This is a nth term question. The formula for this is: n³ + 2 So, replace the n with 10: 10³ +2 = 1002

How many different rectangular prisms can be made using 36 cubes if the height is 2 cubes?


What is the number of cubes a 3-d object can hold?

That depends: * On the size of the 3D object * On the size of the cubes

How many cubes in a 3 x 3 x 3 cube?

There are 27 1x1cm cubes

How many rectangular prisms can you make with 18 unit cubes?

three.1 cube x 1 cube x 18 cubes1 cube x 2 cubes x 9 cubes1 cube x 3 cubes x 6 cubes

What is the value of 2 cubes?

2 stock cubes makes your stew taste nice.

How many boxes can you find that will hold twice as many cubes as a 2 by 3 by 4 box?

1100 is 60*7*76*76*60+70m well1202go tryutty99 is a user name are you kiding me?

How many cubes will fit in 3 by 4 box?

12 cubes

What is probability are not blue if there is 3 blue cubes 2 yellow cubes and 5 green cubes?


How many cubes can a white lion have?

Lion litters usually have 2 or 3 cubs.

If Someone fits 3 rows of 3 cubes in the bottom of a box and they put 7 more layers in then how many cubes did they fit in the box?

3x3x8=72 cubes 63 Cubes

Toy wagon has 5 rows of cubes with 8 cubes in each row the sides are high enough to hold 3 layers of cubes what is the volume?

120 is the mass. i figured that out by mutiplying 5*8=40 then multiply that by 3. 40*3=120

How many cubes would it take to make a model of a rectangular prism that is 3 units long 2 units wide 4 units high?

24 cubes 1x1x1

How many slices of bread equals 3 quarts of bread cubes?

how many cups of bread cubes equals 3 quarts

Rectangle-based prism is 5 cubes long 3 cubes wide and 2 cubes high What is the volume of the prism?


How many cubes can a Grizzle bear have?


How many faces does 3 cubes have?

I think the answer is 18 becausea cube has 6 face and 3 cubes have 18 faces.

How many set of sides three cubes?

cube has 6 sides so 3 cubes have 3*6 = 18.

What is the volume of a pool that is 5 cubes long 3 cubes wide and 2 cubes deep?

Volume is equal to Length x Width x Height. 5x3x2=30 cubes

If the edges of two cubes are in the ratio 2 to 3 then what is the ratio of their volumes?

(2/3)3 = 8/27