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Q: How many days a week did the ancient greek kids go to school for?
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Did Ancient Greek kids have school on Saturday?

Yes, they went to school 6 days a week except for jolidays

What type of clothing did ancient Greek kids wear?


What is wereephedrismos?

it was one of the ancient greek games that kids played

How are Zeus's kids?

As old as Ancient Greek myth; ageless.

How old are Zeus's kids?

As old as Ancient Greek myth; ageless.

Where did the ancient Egyptians kids go to school?

In the temples.

Would kids not drop out of school if they had shorter school days?

Kids either understand the value of school, or are at least willing to go through the motions of attending school, or they don't. Shorter days would have no effect on the number of kids who drop out.

Did kids go to school during ancient India?


What is the differences between Spartans and athenians in ancient rome?

Sparta was a Greek city-state that was known for it's army they went into battles and won, Athens was also a Greek city-state but it was known for being a good place for trade kids even went to school. Ancient Roman empire and Ancient Greece were in different time periods.

How many days a week do kids in romania attend school?

Only five school days in a week.

How many days do Australian kids go to school?

Five days a week :)

Why do kids have to go to school when it snows?

Kids should not go to scholl on school days because of the dangers that can happen to your kid