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The average school year consists in the US of 180 days. Different districts break this down in different ways to come up with their own school calendars.

Using this average, there are 365 (approximately) days in a year. There are roughly 104 Saturdays and Sundays (weekends--no school days), leaving 261 possible days for school (not counting legal holidays of which there are about six), leaving 255 possible school days. Wait, forgot the break between Christmas and New Years, Thanksgiving (the Friday following), and midwinter break (call that three school weeks or 15 days), leaving 240 days.

Now, 180 from 240 leaves 60 days, roughly three months (60 five day weeks = 12 weeks).

Most districts require that teachers be available for a week or more at the end of the school year and report a week or more at the beginning of the school year, so 60 turns into 50 (ten weeks, or two and a half months).

In that 50 days, most teachers schedule the continuing education they must perform (college classes) to maintain their teaching certificate. This isn't usually enough time, and often the classes they need are not available during this "down" time, so they also take classes during the school year. All told then, most teachers really get no time off. That is until it all becomes too much, they catch a cold from one of the little darlings in their classroom, and have to call in a substitute for a couple days.

No one goes into teaching for the money or the time off. Those who do typically get a very rude wake-up call.

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Q: How many days do teachers get off?
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