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it is pregnant 23 months

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Q: How many days does it take a zebra to give birth?
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How many young can a zebra give birth to at once?

Just one.

How many days does it take for fanfish to give birth?

How many days does it take for fanfish to give birth

How many foals can a zebra have?

mares (women zebras) can give birth to one foal (baby zebra) every 12 months . they can have as many as they want.

How many puppies can a rottweiler give birth to?

61 to 65 days

How many days before her birthday does Bella give Birth to Renesmee?

exactly 3 days xxx

How many days does it take for a dogs to give birth to it's young?

Approximatey 58-63 days from date of conception.

What is more in style zebra or leopard?

Zebra with the black and white stripes on. There are Zebras in many of adverts/commercials on television these days. From :)

How many days do rabbits take to give birth?

Rabbits give birth in about 10-15 minutes. Usually late at night between the 27th and 31st dy of gestation

How many days it takes for a pig to give birth?

about 2 months and a half- 70 days.

Where does a zebra build its home?

Zebras do not build homes. They live in a home already made for them by Nature (or, according to many, by God) which they live, reproduce, give birth, eat and die.

How many months for chinchillas to give birth?

111 days so around 3-4 months.

How many days does it take for a dog to give birth?

A rabbit's gestation takes around 30 days.