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Q: How many days would it take a hot air balloon to circumnavigate?
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How many years does it take for Jupiter to circumnavigate the zodiac?

Roughly 11 years, 10 months, and 10 days. (11.86 yrs)

List of words with the prefix circum in them?

as a prefix, it means "around." For instance, "circumnavigate the world" means to navigate around the world.

How many syllables are in circumnavigate?

5, cir-cum-na-vi-gate

How many atoms are in a balloon?

well how big is the balloon?

How many inches is a balloon?

It depends on what kind of balloon.

Why is it the balloon will not explode when you put it on the many pins?

It takes a certain amount of force to push a pin into a balloon to pop it. When you put the balloon on the pins the weight of the balloon is creating the force pushing on it. When there are many pins this force is shared by the many pins. If the weight of the balloon were 20 milligrams and there were 20 pins, each pin would only be pushing against the balloon with a force of 1 milligram. If it takes 5 milligrams pushing a pin into a balloon to pop it no one pin is pushing that hard. On the other hand if it were resting on three or fewer pins it would pop. [NOTE: I have no idea how much balloons weigh nor how many milligrams of force pressing a pin into a balloon is required to burst it. The numbers given are for illustrative purposes only. ]

What are the rules to the balloon game?

There are many variations to the balloon game, it can be balloon soccer, balloon races and/or balloon stomp. The common game's main rule is that they must pass the balloon but not the ribbon.

How many layers does a balloon have?

well a balloon has 1000 layers

How many days would it take to go around the world in a steamboat?

About 281 days a *77 knots (88.627 mph). *One of the fastest ships in the US Navy's fleet is the USS Lake Erie (CG-70), a Ticonderoga Class crusier. The Lake Erie's cruising speed is 32.5 knots (37.4075 mph). The Lake Erie traveling at cruising speed would take approximately 665.5 days to circumnavigate the Earth if it were able to do so in a straight line at the equator.

How many ounces are in a balloon?

It depends on how large the balloon is and what it's made out of.

How many pages does The Moon's a Balloon have?

The Moon's a Balloon has 312 pages.

How many nitrogen molecules are in a balloon?

This depends on the mass of nitrogen contained in the balloon.