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How many decimeter in one kilometre?

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1000 metres make a kilometer and 10 decimeter make a meter. so 10000 decimeters make a kilometer.

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There are 1000 x 10 = 10000 decimetres in one kilometre. Therefore, one decimetre is equal to 1/10000 = 0.0001 kilometres.

there are ten decimeter in in one meter. DECImeter

one decimeter = 10 centimeters.

A decimeter is one tenth of a meter.

A decimetre and a kilometre are both metric units of measurement.

1 decimeter = 10 centimeters

There are 0.1 meters in one decimeter.

1 decimeter=0.1 meters

There are 11 micrometer in 1 decimeter

A decimeter is one-tenth, or .1, of a meter.

One kilometre is 100,000 centimetres

there are 5,000 meters in 1 decimeter :)

One decimeter = 0,1 meters One millimeter = 0,001 meters Hence: One decimeter = 100 millimeters One millimeter = 0,01 of a decimeter

A decimeter is one tenth of a meter. 0.1 m = 1 dm

One kilometre equals 3280.83989501 feet.

There is one liter per cubic decimeter.

One decimeter equals to 100 millimeters.

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