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Q: How many degrees does mercury have when it's get hot?
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How hot can mercury reach to?

427 degrees Celsius.:)

How hot does it get on the side of mercury closest to the sun?

The surface of mercury can get as hot as 380 degrees Kelvin, which is 107 degrees C or 224 degrees F.

Is it hott on Mercury?

yes it is very hot and very cold on Mercury it is about -180 to 430 degrees

What is the atmosphere and the temperature of mercury?

Mercury has no real atmosphere and the temperature on the surface is from 80,000 to 700,000 degrees.

How hot must mercury get before it boils?

Mercury boils @ 356.73 degrees Celsius according to our Friends at Wikipedia

Is the Mercury becomes solid in hot and liquid in coolest temperature?

No, mercury does not become solid in hot temperature and liquid in coolest temperature. But mercury becomes gas or liquid in hot temperature and becomes solid in coolest temperature. Mercury becomes solid after freezing point of -38.72 degrees Celsius. Solid Mercury can become superconductor in reaching of its critical temperature 4.2 K. Mercury is liquid under the room temperature (25 degrees Celsius). Mercury becomes gas after boiling point of 357 degrees Celsius.

How hot is Mercury?

The core of the planet Mercury is thought to be something on the order of 4000 degrees Fahrenheit. Investigation into the internal structure of Mercury is continuing.

What is is mercurys temperature?

Approximately -184 degrees facing away from the sun and about 427 degrees facing the sun, we do not have an accurate temperature because if an astronaut was to land on Mercury, he would drop dead when he gets 80 miles close to Mercury.

Has anybody been to Mercury?

Mercury is A planet that nobody has been on it is far to hot. Plus it can get up to over many degrees C or F and Mercury is a gas planet so even the stuff on Mercury has a hard time sheilding it's way from the sun.

How many degris is Mercury?

Mercury is 400 degrees in the day time and minus 180 degrees at night time

Is Mercury the 2nd planet away from the sun?

No, Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. It is very hot and rocky, there is no atmosphere and it is the smallest because Pluto is no longer known as a planet. Mercury is 430 degrees during the day and -170 degrees at night. The sky is black on Mercury and it would take ~4 months to reach Mercury. I hope this answers many of your Mercury questions. I collected my information in a book from the library.

How hot does it gets on the side if the mercury closest to the sun?

It gets to approximately 430 degrees Celsius.