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360 degrees & that goes for all polygons

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Is exterior angle of a triangle 90 degrees?

A right triangle has one exterior angle that's 90 degrees. No other kind of triangle has. All three of the triangle's exterior angles always add up to 360 degrees.

Example of measure of an exterior angle?

Consider a right triangle. One of the exterior angles 90 degrees.

What is the measure of the largest exterior angle of an isosceles right angle?

A isosceles right angle triangle will have 2 equal interior angles of 45 degrees and 1 angle of 90 degrees with its largest exterior angle being 180 -45 = 135 degrees.

If a triangle has no obtuse angle then it is a right triangle?

It could be a right triangle if it has a right angle (90 degrees). If it does not have a right angle, then it is an acute triangle.

What is a triangle called containing a right angle?

It is a right triangle or right-angled triangle. The right-angle is 90 degrees.

Why not left angle triangle but right angle triangle?

Because the phrase 'right angle' indicates 90 degrees whereas there is no such angle as a 'left angle'

Can an obtuse triangle be an right triangle?

No an obtuse triangle cant be a right angle because,a right angle is 90 degrees. a obtuse triangle is over 90 degrees

What kind of angle do right triangle?

A right triangle has a right angle (thus called a right triangle), 90 degrees

A right triangle has the hypotenuse 12cm and an angle 30 degrees what is the opposite angle?

A right triangle with a hypotenuse of 12cm and an angle 30 degrees has an opposite angle of: 60 degrees.

A shape with an angle at 90 degrees?

A right angle triangle. (if it is a triangle)

Does a right triangle have an obtuse angle?

No, a right triangle must have a right angle (by definition). Because there is 180 degrees in a triangle and a right angle is 90 degrees, that leaves the remaining two angles having to equal 90 degrees. Therefore, a triangle cannot have an obtuse angle.

If a triangle has a right angle it is a right triangle. If and only if a triangle had a right angle it is a right triangle?

A right angle triangle has a right angle and two acute angles that all add up to 180 degrees.

What type of triangle has an angle that measures 20 degrees and and angle that measures 90 degrees?

Any triangle that has an angle measuring 90 degrees is a right triangle.

What is the triangle that has one angle is 40 degrees and a second angle is 50 degrees?

isoselles triangleImproved Answer:-The third angle has to be 90 degrees so it is a right angle triangle.

A right triangle is a triangle that has how degrees?

It has 180 degrees, but one angle of the triangle has to be 90 degrees

Is a right triangle a triangle with two right angles?

A right angle triangle has only 1 right angle of 90 degrees and two acute angles that add up to 90 degrees whereas the 3 angles add up to 180 degrees

What is an Right Triangle?

a TRIANGLE THAT HAS A 90 DEGREE ANGLE A right triangle is a triangle that has exactly 90 degrees for one angle.

A triangle with one angle measuring 90 degrees?

A triangle with one angle measuring 90˚ is a right triangleIt's a right triangle because the 90˚ angle is a right angle

How do you determine if a triangle is a right angle?

If one of the angles in a triangle is exactly 90 degrees, then it is a right-angle triangle.

Right triangle 140 degree angle?

In a right triangle the greatest angle is 90 degrees.

Could a right triangle have an angle of 45?

yes, a right triangle can have an angle of 45 degrees

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