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There were thousands of species, with between 500 and 1000 non-avian species catalogued from their fossils. There were many hundreds of co-existing prehistoric birds and marine dinosaurs.

There are lists at the related links.

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How many spiecies of dinosaurs are there?

There are about 2000 different species of dinosaurs

How many different type of dinosaurs are there?

there is 10000000000 million

How can dinosaurs fossil are found on different continents?

When Dinosaurs roamed the Earth many of the continents we have today were connected.

How many dinosaurs are there?

There are over 1,000 different species of non-avian dinosaurs, over 9,000 species of avian dinosaurs, over 500 genera of non-aviandinosaurs, and nobody knows how many individual non-avianor individual avian dinosaurs there are.

How many dinosaurs does it take to reach 2 thousand trillion tons?

What dinosaurs? They came in VERY different sizes.

How many different species of dinosaurs live in mesozoic era?


Which dinos lived in the cretaceous?

In cretaceous period there were many different dinosaurs there were 67 different type's.

Do some dinosaurs lay eggs?

All known dinosaurs laid eggs to reproduce. Many nests have been found, showing how different species of dinosaurs cared for their eggs.

How many dinosaurs were alive at one time?

No the dinosaurs lived in different time periods.i would name them but i don't know all of them

Who discovered dinosaurs?

The word "dinosaur" was made by Richard Owen. But there are many different people who found many different species.

Where were the dinosaurs living?

They lived all over the world. Different dinosaurs lived in different countries.

How many dinosaurs was in total in the past?

We do not know the total number of dinosaurs that existed, as many have not been discovered. Currently, there are 500 known genera and 1,000 different species.

How many different kinds of dinosurs were there?

To date, about 600, but it is estimated that there were about 1400+ dinosaurs.

What animal that lives today that is larger than a dinosaur?

Dinosaurs came in different sizes, just as animals today are different sizes. There can be many animals larger than SOME dinosaurs.

How are lizards different from dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs are different from lizards in many ways. First off, dinosaurs walk with their legs underneath them, like an elephant or horse. Dinosaurs are also considerably larger than most lizards, but lizards and crocodiles have much larger relatives that lived during the time of the dinosaurs, even finding some dinosaurs as a food source! Lizards are cold blooded, while dinosaurs are considered to be warm blooded.

Where could a person buy Imaginext dinosaurs?

Imaginext dinosaurs can be bought from many different stores and retailers. Some examples that sell Imaginext dinosaurs include YoYo, Target, Walmart, and Rakuten.

What are types of dinosaurs?

Types of dinosaurs are the different variations of dinosaurs. Plant eating, meat eating ect.

Did people eat dinosaurs?

No, Humans and Dinosaurs are in different time periods.

What do Christians say about dinosaurs?

There is no exact answer to this question because many Christians share different views. But according to the literal reading of the bible, dinosaurs are real, they are mentioned in the bible under different names.

How were meat dinosaurs and plant eating dinosaurs different?

meat eating dinosaurs ate meat and had sharp teeth.plant eating dinosaurs eat plants and sometimes have sharp teeth.some say there bones were different.

How many bones have the dinosaurs?

Many. Which dinosaurs? All of them?

What are all of the names of dinosaurs?

There were many, many dinosaurs. To see lists of dinosaurs, see the Related Links below.

Scientific name of dinosaur?

there are many different dinosaurs and each has it's own scientific name.

What Order do Dinosaurs belong?

There are many different dinosaur orders all belonging to the superorder Dinosauria.

What the different between dinosaurs and birds?

Not a whole lot. Birds and dinosaurs share the same skeletal structure and walk the same and many had feathers and were probably warm blooded.

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