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A telephone number in the United States consists of:

  • telephone country code +1
  • area code (3 digits)
  • subscriber number (7 digits)
That's a total of 10 digits for the domestic number, or 11 digits in international format.
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Q: How many digits in US telephone numbers?
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How many digits does a phone number have in it?

In the US and Canada, telephone numbers have 10 digits, including the area code. Other countries use phone numbers with different numbers of digits.

How many digits are in US passport number?

9 Numbers

How many digits are there in a US telephone number including the telephone country code?

All telephone numbers in the North American Numbering Plan, including the USA, Canada, and 18 island nations and territories in or near the Caribbean, have a total of 11 digits:Country code: 1 digit (country code +1)Area code: 3 digitsSubscriber number: 7 digits

How many numbers are in the US zip code?

There is 5 digits in a US zipcode. Ex. 75056, 78240, and so on.

How many numbers make up a social security number?

in the US a total of 9 digits.

What are the Number of digits in a US telephone number?

10 in the form (234) 555-6789

What city and state is area code 60615 come from?

60615 is not an area code. Area codes in the US are 3 digits and are used with telephone numbers. The postal ZIP Code 60615 is for Chicago, IL.

Which us state calling code 71?

Telephone area codes in the United States are always three digits.

How do you dial a telephone call from the US to Cyprus?

Cyprus is telephone country code +357. There are no area codes or city codes. All subscriber numbers are 8 digits. Just dial +357 (on a mobile phone or cell phone) or 011 357 (otherwise), followed by the 8-digit Cypriot domestic telephone number.

HOW MANY Digits does a us bank account number have?

A us bank account has #12 digits in california

How many digits are in a standard US postal zip4 code?

9 digits

Who called us on 00141423529180?

001 is the country code for america... 414 is the area code for Milwaukee. However - the number in your question has too many digits in it. (Subscriber numbers are usually 7 digits).

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