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How many disposable diapers are thrown away each day across America?


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2010-06-07 21:00:12
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Approximately 49 million diapers per day.


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I don't have the total, but I know that most discarded paper is in the form of disposable diapers.

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Although the initial cost of a cloth diaper versus a disposable diaper equates to the cloth diaper costing significantly more on a per diaper basis; in the long run cloth diapers would save you money. The cost savings associated with cloth diapers is a result of there ability to be reused over and over again by properly caring for and washing the diapers regularly where disposables are single use and must be thrown away after. Cloth diapers are also better for the environment as they are more biodegradable than disposables and don't use plastics in manufacturing.

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The word 'disposable' is an adjective (a word used to describe a noun) and a noun (a word for an article designed to be thrown away after use, a word for a thing).Example uses for the adjective:We will never be able to improve our environment until we learn not to use so many disposable things.This disposable packaging should be replaced with recyclable packaging.I'm glad that our world has disposable diapers!Example uses for the noun:Put the disposable in the red trash bin.The disposables are everything that can't be recycled.

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In terms of the English language, the word disposable means that it is made to be thrown away or otherwise recycled after a certain amount of uses. For example, disposable mouth guards are made to be used approximately three times before it should be thrown away.

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