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Q: How many drinks is 200 ml of vodka?
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How many standard drinks of Vodka in 200 ml?

4 to 5.

375 ml is how many drinks vodka?

Little under 9 legal limit drinks.

How many calories does a 60 ml peg of vodka have?


How many ounces in a 200 ml bottle of vodkca?

A 200 mL bottle of Vodka contains about 6.762 US fluid ounces.

How many calories in 200 ml of vodka?

Calories in 40% vodka, 25ml, calories 55. Same with most 40% consistencies.

How many drinks should come from a 375 ml bottle of smirnoff vodka?

A 375 bottle (split) of vodka contains slightly over nine shots.

How many milliliters in 70centilitre of vodka?

1cl =10 ml So 70 cl of vodka = 70 multiplied by 10 ml = 700 ml of vodka

How many milliliters in a naggin of vodka?

A naggin of vodka, also known as a shoulder of vodka, contains around 200 ml of vodka. A naggin is a small bottle of alcoholic spirits. This is different than the British term noggin.

How many milliliters in a fifth of vodka?

750 mL in a fifth of vodka

How many ml in a point of vodka?

473 mL in a pint.

How manydrinks in 1.75 liters of vodka?

One drink of vodka is considered to be one shot or 1 Fluid Ounce (44.35 mL), so 1.75L of vodka would contain about 39.5 drinks.

How many ml is in a flagon of vodka?


How many ml is in a fifth of vodka?

750 Milliliters is in one fifth of a bottle of vodka.

How many ounces are in 375 ML of vodka?

There are 12.6803 oz. in 375 mL.

How many milliliter is a fifth of vodka?

750 ml

How many calories in 100 ml vodka?


How many milliliters in a shoulder of vodka?

350 ml

How many syns in vodka?

2.5 in a 25 ml

A cat drinks 200 ml of water a day there are 6 cats how many liters do the cats drink in 5 days?

The cats will drink 6000 ml of water a day.

Can you get drunk on 200 ml of jack Daniels?

Yes, that's about the equivalent of 5 drinks!.

How many Calories are there in 60 ml of vodka?

220 Calories

How many shots in 750 ml of vodka?

12 shots

How many ml are there in 0.2L?

That is 200 ml.

How many ml in 0.2literes?

That is 200 ml.

How many tablespoons are in 200 ml?

200 ml = 13.5256 tbs(US)