How many drops of oil does it take to pollute a gallon of water?

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A standard measure of oil pollution in water is 10 ppm (10 parts oil per 1,000,000 parts water). As a gallon of water weights 10 lbs (Imperial gal) or 8 lb (US) gal) the weight od a gallon is about 4.54 kg, or 4540 gm and there are usually thought to be 40 drops in a ml a drop of oil weighs about 0.02 gm.
So 1 drop in gallon would be 0.02 gm in 4540 gm or 1 gm in 225000 gm (4 ppm). Indicating that 2.5 drops would pollute 1 gallon of water to the 10 ppm level
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How many gallons of water do planes or helicopters drop on forest fires?

FEDERAL ARSENAL IN THE WINGS. Federal firefighting crews have 220 aircraft capable of dropping fire retardant or water on flames. A look at the federal fleet:. Aircraft Number Capacity (gallons ) Large tankers 19 2,000-2,500 Military tanker systems 6 2,500 Water scoopers 2 1,400 Single-engi ( Full Answer )

How many drops are in a gallon?

There are 20 metric drops to a ml. There are 1000 ml to a L This gives us 20000 drops to a L 1 US gallons = 3.785 liters 1 Imperial gallons = 4.546 liters 1 US gallons = 75708 metric drops 1 Imperial gallons = 90922 metric drops

How many drops of water are in a gallon?

According to the U.S.G.S. the average size of water droplet from a bathroom or kitchen faucet is about 1/4 of a milliliter (or CC), or 4,000 drops per liter; and about 0.0169 fl oz or 15,140 drops per gallon. Some science measurements from droppers measure a drop much smaller, at 1/20th of a CC p ( Full Answer )

How many drops of water in one gallon?

Facts: 120 drops = 5mL 1 gallon = 3785 mL . 90840 Drops in 1 Gallon . If a faucet dripped once a second how many gallons of water would it waste? It would waste 347 Gallons of water a year! Facts: 1 year ~ 31,536,000 seconds 24 drops in 1 mL . 1 gallon/3785 mL X (1 mL/24 drop ( Full Answer )

What is heavier gallon of water or gallon of oil?

Water is heavier An oil molecule is heavier than a water molecule. But a gallon of water is heavier than a gallon of oil because water is denser, meaning the molecules are closer together. Therefore, there are more molecules in a gallon of water than in a gallon of oil, making it heavier. If yo ( Full Answer )

How many drops in a gallon of milk?

Wikipedia says that a metric drop of a fluid is 1/20 mL, which is 1/20000 L.\n. \nIn one gallon, there are 3.7854 L.\n. \nSo by dividing the 3.7854 L by the 1/20000 L of a drop, the result gives 75,708 drops.\n. \nThis can change as there are different size drops.

How many drops of oil in a gallon?

Its like asking how many pigs in one ton. The number will depend on the density of , surface tension, size, shape, and flow rate of the liquid. 1 mL is +/- twenty drops of H2O.. 1gallon = 3785.4 ml = 75708 dps. Jeffery A Mathes Jr., Ph.D. Assistant Director Ghorge Research Foundation, Gi ( Full Answer )

Can algae oil pollute water?

No because fish actually eat algae. Answer: Some algae are prolific producers of oil but this oil is usually contained in the algae. When algae are in water which is eutrophied (has lots of nutrients) they can reproduce in great numbers. When the food is gone or the weather changes these algae di ( Full Answer )

How many gallons of rain water drop in single rain storm?

Per the following USGS resource site, an average rainstorm covering 50 square miles, with one inch of rain, is the equivalent to nearly a billion gallons of water.. (by jay-at-connectcetera-dot-com)

How many gallons of water is used to take a shower?

Water use in a show er depends on the duration of the shower. A n answe can only be provided in gpm. Present American national energy policy act (EPAct) standards mandate that all showerheads manufactured in the U.S. have a maximum flow rate of 2.5 gpm (9.5 Lpm). While some exceed this others use ( Full Answer )

How many gallons of oil does it take to make a pound?

Well think about it. how much is a pound? A pound is about 23kg. 1L of oil weighs about 25 grams. Now you might think im stupid, but think about it. In cars you put oil. If oil weighed a lot, then your car would sink into the cement. A gallon is exactly 2.3L. So after doing all the math a pound of o ( Full Answer )

How many gallons of water does it take to wash a car?

It can be as low as just 6 gallons to more than 20. It depends on the amount of dirt you are attempting to clean and the surface area of the car. Generally speaking, you could get away with just 6 gallons to a small sized sedan.

How many drops in a gallon of oil?

The number of drops would depend on which oil. Do the experiment yourself. Get a dropper, a quantity of oil, a cup measure. Fill the cup using the dropper. Count the drops as you go. Multiply your answer by 16. That's your answer. You could only fill half the cup measure and multiply the number of ( Full Answer )

How many gallons of water does it take to make a car?

That depends on the car and how many eventually get made. If you think about it, water is used in almost every manufacturing process. So, if a large machine that welds cars required 1000 gallons when it was made, you could say that if 1000 cars were made, they each took 1 gallon of water to be mad ( Full Answer )

How do you clean oil polluted water?

if you have a old rag you and you run the water through it then you have sorta clean water be just don't drink it

How many gallons of water does a bath take?

An average home bathtub is 30 x 60 inches outside. With one foot of water in it, it holds about 78 US gallons or 65 Imperial gallons. -Remember this is an approximate figure, because all tubs are not exactly the same,

Can you take pollution out of water with a magnet?

There are many"magic" water treatment systems that claim that their magnetic fields can purify water. None of these has any scientific credibility. The only potential material that magnets could remove would be discrete particles of iron, steel or nickel. None of these are common pollutants. Magnets ( Full Answer )

How many gallons of water will it take to fill a 14x42 pool?

You need to know the average depth of the pool. the depth of the deep end plus the depth of the shallow end divided by 2 will give an average. The formula for estimating the gallons of water is in a pool is; length times width times average depth times the multiplier 7.5 for a rectangle pool; 6. ( Full Answer )

How many gallons of water will a quart of oil pollute?

In general, oil will float on the water surface. That is, it will spread out in a layer on the top of the water. This is because oil is less dense than water, and is immiscible with it (meaning it doesn't mix with the water). So if you think about it, the question is ambiguous. The answer does no ( Full Answer )

Is water pollutant an accidental discharge of oil into water bodies?

This is one example of water pollution. Water pollution can be accidental or intentional, and could include oil, sewage, dyes, or any kind of other chemical that is not supposed to be there. In some cases, very hot or cold water can even be considered a kind of pollution.

How oil refineries control water pollution?

First off the pollutants contained in il refinery waste water include oils and grease (generally referred to as ether soluble material), solids, inorganic salts, organics (phenol, benzene, aromatics, etc.) and temperature. These materials are removed in the following manner: . Oils and Greases: ( Full Answer )

How many gallons of water does it take to wash an motorhome?

There is no single correct answer to this question. Motorhome size varies significantly, as do personal habits and methods of washing. Internet information sites vary greatly on estimates of water useage for washing vehicles. Sites or blogs emphasizing water conservation tend to assume worst possibl ( Full Answer )

How many gallons of oil does a kenworth take?

That depends on what engine you have. Remember that Kenworth makes trucks in the Class 5 through Class 8 ranges. Thus, a variety of engines are and have been available in Kenworth trucks... Cummins and Paccar are currently available, while Caterpillar and Detroit Diesel have been available in the pa ( Full Answer )

How many snowflakes does it take to make a water drop?

That depends on the temperature of the air -at cold temperatures well below freezing, about 10 flakes to make an equivalent rain drop. Near freezing, where the flake is wetter, about 4 flakes per drop

When one gallon of water is drained from the full water storage tank the water level drops to the level shown below About how many gallons of water are in the full storage tank?

You forget that we can't see what's "shown below" in the book or homework sheet from which you copied the question. You haven't told us what that level is, or anything about the shape or dimensions of the tank. We don't have squat for information that's needed to answer the question with. That ( Full Answer )

How water pollution takes place?

People throw lots of garbage into the water, that is one example. Factories throw acids into water, which is another kind too. So it means that all the waste that is thrown in the water causes water pollution

How many drops in 343423668428484681262 gallons of water?

An US gallon has 3,485411784 L; multiply with your value to obtainthe total volume. Aassuming that a drop has 0,000 060 L divide the total volume withthe volume of a drop and you will obtain the answer.