The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

How many dwarves arrive at Bilbo's house?

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There were 13 plus Gandalf (the grey)

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Dwarves in the hobbit?

Yes there is many Dwarves in the hobbit. I think it is 13.

How many pages does The Dwarves of Rockhome have?

The Dwarves of Rockhome has 96 pages.

Where is Gimli's house?

Gimli lives with his father, Gloin, and many other dwarves in the new kingdom in the Lonely Mountain.

How many Gnomes were there in the seven dwarves and the snowwhite?

there weren't any gnomes ... there were dwarves

How many pages does The Complete Book of Dwarves have?

The Complete Book of Dwarves has 128 pages.

Where do the dwarves live in The Lord of the Rings?

they live in many different places there is not just one group of dwarves.

How many dwarves Sleeping Beauty have?

None, Snow White had 7 dwarves. Sleeping Beauty had 3 fairies.

How many dwarves did Bilbo travel with?

There were 13 dwarves. Bilbo was added to the party to make it 14 and avoid having an unlucky number.

How many dwarves are in Snow White?

Are You Seriously Asking This Question? The Number Is In The Fricken Title Of The Movie.Snow White And The SEVEN Dwarves.=)

What are brown dwarves?

There is no mention of brown dwarves in Tokien. He does mention 'Burned Dwarves'. At the Battle of Azanulbizar there were too many dead to bury so they heaped them all and burned them. A 'Burned Dwarf' was greatly honored in Dwarf-lore.

How many people were in Bilbo's cavalcade?

Thirteen dwarves and a wizard.

How many dwarfs did Snow White had?

i believe she had seven dwarves

How many die in The Hobbit?

Three dwarves but many unnamed die in the Battle of Five Armies. The three dwarves were Thorin, Fili and Kili. Fili and Kili fell defending Thorin.

What is Bilbo Baggins plan for freeing the dwarves from Elvinking?

Bilbo found the hidden exit in the palace of Elvenking. He makes a plan to make dwarves out of the palace. He put all the dwarves into the barrels with many plants that can protect them, and rolled them out of the secret exit. And under there, there is a cold lake, which will lead the hobbit and dwarves to the Lake Town

How many containers arrive US daily?

how many containers arrive daily in Long Beach California

How many syllables are arrive?

Arrive has two syllables. The syllables are ar-rive.

How many dwarves come to tea?

13 dwarvesThorinBalinDwalinKiliFiliBomburOriDoriNoriOinGloinBifurBofurThirteen.

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