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How many eagles from the Pga tour?

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Their is a different amount of people on the PGA tour each year. You have to go through a certain test to get a licence to play golf on the PGA tour.

The Nationwide Tour would be the tour before the PGA Tour, the top 25 on the Nationwide tour at the end of the season win PGA Tour cards.

PGA Tour wins (62); Other wins (17); Senior PGA Tour wins (10) ***answered by

PGA Tour was created in 1968.

The 2009 Buick Open was his 69th PGA Tour title.

As 10th August 2009 he has played in 248 PGA Tour events.

The PGA European Tour started in 1984.

The PGA Tour is associated with the sport of golf.

PGA European Tour was created in 1972.

PGA Tour on ABC was created in 1966.

PGA Tour on CBS was created in 1956.

PGA Tour of Australasia was created in 1973.

Ernie Els is a PGA tour golfer from South Africa who has won many PGA Tour tournaments.

Once he won his first PGA Tour event in 1996 he got a two year PGA Tour exemption.

This is a dumb question. There was no first PGA tour golfer. A better question would be who were the first golfers on the first PGA tour.

Through 2009, Tiger Woods has won 71 PGA Tour event wins.

Tiger Woods joined the PGA Tour in 1996.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour was created in 2003.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour happened in 2003.

PGA Tour Network was created on 2005-06-09.

Tiger Woods' career earning on the PGA Tour is $87,832,539. (Source PGA Tour website)

Jack Nicklaus had 73 PGA tour wins, 10 Champions Tour wins. His total number of professional wins is 113.

The results from the PGA Tour can be viewed at the official website of the PGA Tour. They are also sometimes published on golf fansites, as well as the ESPN website.

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