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Turkeys lay from early spring to early summer, a span of about 4 months. During that time the turkey will lay 12-18 eggs and then sit on them. If you collect their eggs they will continue to lay, eventually producing an average of 1 egg every 2 days for a possible total of 80-100 eggs. Most people who breed turkeys collect the eggs and hatch them to maximize the number of turkey poults produced.

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Q: How many eggs can a turkey lay?
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How many eggs can turkey lay in a year?


How many eggs does a turkey lay in her lifetime?

Roughly 1000 eggs The average turkey will lay between 100 and 120 eggs per year and can produce eggs for up to 10 years if well cared for. Production of eggs drops as the turkey ages.

Does a female turkey lay eggs?

Yes, female turkeys lay eggs. Turkeys are considered a fowl, which is a bird, and all birds lay eggs.

How many eggs does a wild hen turkey lay?

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How many turkeys does a turkey have at one pregnancy?

Turkey will lay 9 to 11 eggs. Incubation takes 28 days.

Do you need a male turkey to get the female to lay eggs?


Do male and female turkeys both lay eggs?

Male and female turkeys do not both lay eggs. As with most birds, only the female turkey will lay the eggs.

What month do turkeys usually lay their eggs?

Turkeys don't have an excat month they lay their eggs. But it is most likely that if you have a turkey, it will lay it's eggs either in the Spring, or the Fall.

How many eggs do turkey lay?

Most hens (female turkeys) lay a clutch of 12-14 eggs per spring. If a nest is destroyed by a predator, the hen will get bred again, and then lay another clutch of 12-14 eggs.

How many eggs do turkeys have?

A turkey hen will lay 4 to 17 tan and spotted eggs at a time. They take about a month to hatch.

Why dont they sell turkey eggs in shops?

Turkeys do not lay eggs - they're male.

How long is a turkey pregnant for?

Turkeys do not 'get pregnant'. They lay eggs.

How many eggs can an armadillo lay?

Armadillos do not lay eggs.

What color is a white turkeys egg?

it depends on the breed of the turkey some lay speckled eggs and some lay white eggs.

How many eggs can a female wild turkey lay at one time?

One at a time. But about a dozen in a sitting.

What is the difference in appearance of wild turkey eggs from domestic turkey eggs?

it just depends on the breed of turkey. most turkeys lay lite to dark tan eggs with specks of brown on them for camoflauge. now the large whiter domestic breeds like you buy in the store usually lay white eggs.

Where do buzzards lay their eggs?

The Turkey Buzzard will lay eggs in a cave , bushes and rocky outcrops in or near bushes or in a small stand of trees .

How many eggs lay eggs?

Eggs can not lay eggs. The animal baby has to hatch out of the egg and grow into an adult. Then she can lay eggs.

How many eggs does a muskrat lay?

Muskrats do not lay eggs.

How many eggs will parrotfish lay?

they can lay hundreds of eggs

Which minibeasts lay eggs?

about how many eggs does a minibeast lay

How many eggs do skunks lay?

Skunks do not lay eggs.

How many eggs do macaws lay?

they lay about 20 eggs

Do peahen lay eggs like chichens?

Not really. They are eggs, but unlike chickens who may lay daily for up to two years. Peahens usually begin laying eggs in April and will lay eggs every second day until a clutch of 7 to 10 eggs are collected. The eggs are light brown in color and are similar in size to turkey eggs. If eggs are collected from the nest for artificial incubation, a peahen can lay as many as 30 eggs.

How long does it take for wild turkey eggs to hatch?

The incubation period for wild turkey eggs is an average of 28 days. A female will usually lay about 11 eggs at a time.