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It depends on which dinosaur you are refering to..

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Q: How many eggs did dinosaurs lay at a time?
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Did Eoraptors lay eggs?

yes, dinosaurs lay eggs

Do some dinosaurs lay eggs?

All known dinosaurs laid eggs to reproduce. Many nests have been found, showing how different species of dinosaurs cared for their eggs.

Did dinosaurs lay eggs or have live births?

Most, if not all, dinosaurs layed eggs.

Did dinosaurs lay eggs?


How many eggs can a moth lay at a time?

They can lay 200 eggs at a time.

How many eggs did raptors lay when dinosaus were alive?

When dinosaurs were alive, Raptors would not lay many eggs. On average, there were between 4-6 eggs for each litter.

Why did dinosaurs lay so many eggs?

In order to propagate the species, most dinosaurs had to lay multiple eggs. They did this to make sure at least some of their babies survived predators and weather events.

How many eggs does a flounder usuaslly lay at a time?

How many eggs does a flounder lay at one time

How many eggs do gorillas lay at a time?

They are mammals and do not lay eggs.

How do dinosaurs have babies?

All of them lay eggs.

What types of dinosaurs lay eggs?

All of them

How many eggs do toucans lay?

3 to 4 eggs at a time when they lay there eggs

Do dinosaurs lay chicken eggs?

They do not lay chicken eggs because chickens weren't even around.Some lay chicken size eggs.

Does a dinosaur not lay eggs?

The only type of dinosaurs that exist today are birds. They still lay eggs.

How many eggs does a ladybird lay?

They can lay up to 300 eggs at a time

Why do mosquitoes lay many eggs at a time?

because they have the ability to lay that many eggs

Did all dinosaurs lay eggs?

yes but not the males.

Did dinosaurs lay eggs in water or on land?


Do dilophosaurus lay eggs?

Yes, all dinosaurs do

How many eggs can a hermit crab lay at one time?

they can lay 1,000-50,000 eggs at a time.

How many eggs a komodo dragon lay?

they lay around about 24 eggs at a time

How many eggs does a crocodile lay at one time?

it can lay any amount of eggs

How many eggs does a hawk lay at one time?

They lay 1 to 3 eggs

How many eggs can female snapping turtle lay?

They can lay about 24 eggs at a time.

How many eggs do bullfrogs lay?

Bullfrogs lay 20,000 eggs at any time.