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A barn owl typically lays a clutch of 4-7 eggs but sometimes up to 15.

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Usually 3-6 eggs are laid and hatch.

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Q: How many eggs does a female owl lay?
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How many eggs can a female burrowing owl lay?

3to 12 eggs

How many eggs on average do the female burrowing owl lay?

6 to 8

How often does a female barn owl lay eggs?

once a month or maybe twice.

How many eggs can a owl butterfly lay?


How many eggs at a time can a owl lay?

4 to 5

How long is a female owl pregnant for?

8 1/2 months

Does an owl lay eggs?

Yes. Owls are birds, and birds reproduce by laying eggs.

How does an owl give birth?

No. An owl is a bird it lays eggs and then after incubation the chicks hatch from the eggs.

Which cannot swim and lay eggs?


How many eggs does an Eastern Screech owl lay?

they can lay up to 7 eggs every two weeks!! that is a lot compared to other owls.

How many eggs can the eastern screech owl lay?

Eastern screech owls can lay from 3 to six eggs a month- and the babies are so cute!

What is the reproduction of a barn owl?

they lay eggs there is no cycle