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there are six eggs in a half dozen. 12 in a whole dozen.

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Q: How many eggs in half a dozen?
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Related questions

How many eggs do you need to make a half dozen of sugar cookies?

how many eggs in half a dozen

How many eggs are in two and a half dozen?

30 eggs = two and a half dozen.

How many eggs is 2 and a half dozen?

Well, 1 dozen is 12 so: 2 x 12 = 24. Then a half dozen is 6 so: 24 + 6= 30. 2 and a half dozen eggs is equal to 30 eggs.

How many chickens are in half dozen?

A half dozen, whether chickens or eggs, will always be 6.

How many eggs are in two and a half dozen eggs?


Number of eggs in 2-half dozen?

well, if you have a dozen, that's twelve, and half of that which is six. the number of eggs in two half dozen cartons are twelve eggs!

How many eggs are in two and one half dozen?

30 eggs are in two and a half dozens.

How many eggs are in a half dozen?


How many eggs are in three and a half dozen?

Each dozen has 12 eggs. 12 X 3 = 36, then add the half dozen (6) to equal 39

Eggs in 2.5 dozen?

this is easy. each dozen has 12 eggs in it. so you have 2 dozen. 24 eggs. and half of 12 is six.24+6 eggs is 30 eggsso in 2.5 dozen eggs there are 30 eggs

How many eggs in 6 and half a dozen?


How many eggs is 50 percent of a dozen?

1 dozen eggs = 12 eggs 50% = 1/2 Half of one dozen eggs = 6 eggs

How many item make up a dozen?

12 items make up a dozenfor example if u have 12 eggs u would have a dozen or if u had 6 eggs u would have a half-dozen because 6 is half of 12

How many eggs are in 2 and quarter dozen?

A dozen eggs means 12 eggs. So 2.5*12 = 27.A dozen eggs is the same as 12 eggsHalf a dozen eggs is 6 eggsA quarter of a dozen is 3 eggs so2 and a quarter dozen = 2x12 =24 +3 =27

How many eggs are there in three and one half dozen eggs?

dozen = 12 half doz. = 6 12 x 3 + 6 = 42

How may eggs are in dozen?

12 half a dozen is 6

If a chicken and a half laid an egg and a half how many would it take to make a dozen?

It takes 12 eggs to make a dozen. If 1.5 chickens produce 1.5 eggs, then 1 chicken produces 1 egg, and it takes 12 chickens to produce 1 dozen eggs.

How many eggs in 12 dozen?

If there are 12 eggs in a dozen and you want to know how many eggs are in 12 dozen you have to: times 12 by 12 and get the answer of 144

How many is 1 dozen?

A dozen is 12, as in a dozen eggs. A half-dozen is 6 and 2 dozen is 24.

How many eggs are in 3 and a half dozen?

42 = 12 + 12 + 12 + 6

How many eggs in numbers is a dozen eggs?

12 eggs= a dozen

How many eggs are in a dozen?

A dozen means twelve and so a dozen eggs is twelve eggs. Usually eggs are sold in cartons and these contain a specific number which will be either a half-dozen (which is six eggs), a dozen (that is, twelve eggs), or the number can be specified, say nine eggs, or maybe even fifteen or eighteen eggs. If you want a greater quantity of eggs you might buy a tray, which will be thirty eggs. For some reason, eggs are usually sold in multiples of three.

If a chicken laid 257 eggs about how many eggs is that?

Well, if a chicken lays 257 eggs then that makes 257 eggs--exactly, or about 21 and a half dozen.

How many servings are in a dozen of eggs?

there are 12 servings of eggs in an dozen of eggs.

How many eggs are in 18000 dozen?

There are 216,000 eggs in 18,000 dozen. 12 eggs in a dozen * 18,000 = 216,000