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Q: How many eighth graders are in the US?
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How many 8th graders do drugs in the us?

over 15.3 percent of eighth graders smoke or smoked in 2012.

How many eighth graders live in Michigan?


We eighth graders are planning a party What is the subject of this sentence?

The subject is we. "Eighth graders" modifies we.

90 percent of the 8th grade class at a middle school vote for Nikki as class president if 270 students voted for her how many eighth graders go to the middle school?

300 eighth graders

Are eighth graders stronger than sixth graders?

Generally, 8th graders are stronger because they are commonly older and bigger but that is obviously not the case for everyone. If you are a 6th grader, you could be stronger than many 8th graders.

Will i get a boyfriend in eighth grade?

Sure, a few eighth graders asked me out when I was in seventh grade

Does eighth graders take mid terms?


What age is eighth grade?

Eighth graders are generally thirteen and fourteen years old, but there are always exceptions.

Are sixth graders more dependent than eighth graders?

It depends on how that individual was raised, but usually the older you are the less dependant you are.

How many sixth graders are in the US?


What percent of eighth graders smoke cigarettes in United States?


Is the book eighth grade bites appropriate for seventh graders?

Yes, it is.