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Sixteen eights equal two thirds

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Q: How many eighths equal two thirds?
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Related questions

Is three eighths larger than two thirds?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 3/8, or three eighths, is equal to 0.375.Expressed as a decimal fraction, 2/3, or two thirds, is equal to 0.6 recurring.2/3 is seven twenty-fourths bigger than three eighths.

Which is more three eighths or two thirds?

Two thirds.

How many three eighths is in one?

2 and two thirds

What is six and two thirds divided by seven eighths?

Six and two thirds divided by seven eighths = 713/21

What is three eighths two thirds and four fifths from least to greatest?

three eighths, two thirds, four fifths.

Which one is bigger two thirds or five eighths?

two thirds equals 0.6 and the six goes on and on. five eighths equals to 0.625 so that means two thirds are bigger.

What does two thirds of five eighths equal?

2/3 x 5/8 = 10/24 = 5/12

What does two eighths times six thirds equal?

2/8 x 6/3 is 1/2 or 0.5

How many liters is two thirds equal to?

That depends what there are two thirds of.

What does two and one eighths plus three and two thirds equal?

51/24 + 88/24 = 139/24 or 5 and 19/24

Which fraction is bigger 2 thirds or 5 eighths?

Two thirds is (6 and 2/3) percent bigger than 5 eighths.

How many thirds are in two wholes?

6, each whole is 3 thirds

Is three and one thirds bigger than three and two eighths?

Yes, slightly. Three and one-third is approximately equal to 3.333, while three and two-eights is equal to 3.25.

Is two eighths or two thirds bigger?

2 eights

Two thirds of a cup is equal to how many ounces?

I think two thirds of a cup is equal to one ounce and a half.

Is the largest number two thirds or three eights?

two thirds = 0.666 while three eighths = 0.375 therefore two thirds is larger by far

8 2 3 is equal to how many thirds?

Eight and two thirds (8-2/3) is equal to 26 thirds.

Is two thirds greater than seven eighths?


How do you do seven eighths minus two thirds?

on a calculator

How do you compute two thirds of six eighths?

You multiply the two fractions.

How man eighths equal a fourth?

Two eighths equal a fourth.

What is two thirds minus five eighths?

One Fourth

Is two thirds bigger than three eighths?


How much larger is five sixths mile then five eighths?

5/6 - 5/8 is equal to 5/24 Expressed in terms of a mile, five sixths of a mile is equal to 1466 and two thirds yards, while five eighths of a mile is equal to 1100 yards, the difference between the two being 366.6 recurring yards.

What is Eleven and two thirds divided by seven eighths?


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