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US equals 18 and State Representatives is 99, US Senators equals two and State Senators is 33.

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Q: How many elected representatives are there in Ohio now?
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What were the elected officials and most members were from the upper classes in ancient Rome?

house of Representatives!

How many representatives are sitting in the House of Representatives right now?

there are total of 435 representatives.

Who is the speaker of the house of representatives now?

As of 2/22/12, John Andrew Boehner, a Republican from Ohio.

What is the age necessary to become a candidate for the house of representatives?

you have to die first and then get 500 years old and now you can be elected for be president

How many representatives does CA have in the US house of representatives?

I think we are up to 53 now.

How many representatives were there in the first house and how many are there now?

dezz nuts

How many terms has Barbara boxer served?

Elected in 1993 Barbara Boxer is now serving her 3rd Term as a United States Senator and before that she served 5 terms in the House of Representatives.

Where did warren g harding live?

Harding was a US Senator from Ohio when he was elected President. He had a house in Marion, Ohio which is now a museum. (His rather impressive tomb is also in Marion )

How many Representatives are in New York State now in 2008?


How many daylight hours are there in a Ohio right now?

8 hours

What did the 17th Amendment establish?

Before the 17th Amendment, members of the House of Representatives were elected directly by the people, but members of the Senate were elected by the individual states' legislatures. However, the 17th Amendment changed the election of Senators from the state legislatures to the people. As a result, senators are now directly elected by the people.

How many us representatives now serve?

435 voting members, and 6 non-voting members; so a total of 441 representatives.

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