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The second shell is 2S, 2P which can hold 8 total (2+6).

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Q: How many electrons can there be in the 2nd shell of an atom?
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How many electrons are in the highest energy occupied shell of a fluorine atom?

The highest energy shell of Fluorine is 2nd shell which contains 7 electrons just like other halogens.

What Has 2 electrons in first shell 8 in the 2nd and 6 in the 3rd shell?

sulfur atom

Which shell of electrons is the primary determinant of the electrical behavior of a material?

The no of electrons and vacant orbitals of outer most shell and 2nd last shell of an atom are responsible for electric conductance.

How many electrons are in the second shell of ion Br -1?

Eight electrons in the 2nd shell of Br- This is also the number of electrons in the 2nd shell of I-, Cl- and even F- !

An atom contains 8 valence electrons This atom is probably a?

This atom could be any of a number of different elements: having 8 valance electrons does not necessarily mean that the outer shell of the atom is full as larger atoms can store more electrons per shell (first shell=2, 2nd=8, 3rd, 18, etc)

How many electrons fit in the 2nd electron shell?

Eight electrons fit in the second shell.

What is the valence of beryllium?

The beryllium atom has 4 electrons and the valence is 2.

What is the tin bohr model?

The bohr model of an atom shows the number of electrons, neutrons, and protons contained in the atom. Each electron is in an orbital (the lines), and the protons and neutrons are contained in the nucleus (the center thingy).

How many electrons are located in the first two shell?

the first shell of electrons has only 2 spaces in it before it is full whereas the 2nd shell has 8 electrons in it to be full.

How many possible electrons are found in the second shell?

8 electrons can be accommodated in the 2nd shell (aka 2nd energy level). 2 in the 2s orbital and 6 in the 2p orbitals.

What represents the electronic structure of an element?

Electronic structure is how many electrons each shell of an atom can hold. It is written by the number of electrons in the 1st shell (max 2) then a commer, the number of electrons in the 2nd shell (max 8) another commer, how many are in the 3rd shell (max 8) etc. example: 2,8,8

How many outer shell electrons does an oxygen atom have before sharing?

itcarries 8 electrons and 8 protonsand its valency is 2.