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Surprisingly, most are.

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Q: How many elements are named after a scientist?
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Which famous scientist had No as there elements?

Named after the scientist Alfred Nobel.

Who is elements named after?

It's named after scientist Alfred Nobel.

What Elements are named for famous scientists and the scientist named?

there are many for example: Bohrium : after Niels Bohr Copernicum : After Copernicus Rutherfordium : After Rutherford Many Einsteinium is named after Einstein. Curium after the Curies, Ruthefordium after Rutherford and of course Seaborgium whcih was named after a LIVING famous scientist Glen Seaborg

5 scientist named after elements?

Einsteinium, lawrencium, Mendelevium, Holmium, Rutherfordium

Why are elements Latin?

Latin was one of the first languages. Many other languages have Latin roots. And Not all the elements have Latin names. Some are named after famous people and scientist. Such as Einsteinium.

What elements in the periodic table are named after a famous scientist?

Many elements of the periodic table are named in honor of famous scientists.For example,Meitnerium, Mt, is named after Lise Meitner.Bohrium, Bh, is named after Niels Bohr.Curium, Cm, is named after Marie and Pierre Curie.Mendelevium, Md, is named after Dmitri Mendeleev.elements are not alive...they don't name anything.

Named for the university where many of the transuranium elements were synthesized?

named for the university where many of the transuranium elements were synthesized?

Many of the first discovered elements were named by?

many of the first discovered elements were named by greek and roman philosophers

How many elements have been created or discovered by scientist?

All the elements after Uranium (U).

What element on the periodic table is named after a female scientist?

Curium. Marie Curie, discoverer of radioactivity.

Which three famous scientist were named after three elements?

-Fermium : it was named after nuclear physicist Enrico Fermi -Einsteinium: it was named after Albert Einstein -Mendelevium: it was named after Dimitri Mendeleev :-) :p <3

What is the origin name of the element of mendevelium?

It is named after Dmitri Mendeleev, the scientist who was responsible for devising the periodic table of elements.