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There is 95 episodes. People try making up fake episodes further into the series to get veiws. But we're all keeping our fingers crossed that Season 5 will come soon (2012)!

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Where can you watch full Code Lyoko episodes?

or code lyoko anime watch anime online/watch code lyoko episodes

What happened to code lyoko?

it has had to many episodes

Where can you watch all the code lyoko episodes?

you go to google and type in watch code lyoko.

Where can you get Code Lyoko season 2?

All the episodes of Code Lyoko are available on YouTube. Just search up Code Lyoko followed by the episode number you want to see. Season 2 is episodes 27-52.

Where can you watch code lyoko episode 39?

All Code Lyoko episodes are available on YouTube. Just search for 'Code Lyoko 39' and it should be the first result.

How many episodes of code lyoko are there?

There are 95 episodes, 97 if you include the prequel. But season 5 is comming! (

Where can you watch Code Lyoko online for free?

The website below has all of the episodes for Code Lyoko in English, free of charge.

Where can you find all the seasons of Code Lyoko?

All the episodes of Code Lyoko have been uploaded to YouTube. They can be found by searching for Code Lyoko followed by the episode number you wish to see.

Where can you watch code lyoko episode 28?

You can view all Code Lyoko episodes on YouTube. Simply head to YouTube and type in 'Code Lyoko 28' and it should be the first result (Code Lyoko Episode 28 - Uncharted Territory).

Will there be more code lyoko episodes?

yes there will be more code lyoko episodes only until the super computer losses all the battery and run out of battery's and X.A.N.A/Aelita die

Don't answer unless you got good resources where can I write a letter to convince Moonscoop to create more Code Lyoko episodes?

There's no need for that. A Myspacer is creating new Code Lyoko episodes. Her email is If you want to ask her about HER Code Lyoko episodes, go to the Email Address posted above on MySpace.

Where do you download Code Lyoko Episodes?

I don't really know yet how to download code lyoko episodes :/ but I do know how to watch every single episode for free go to this website:

Is there a way to watch code lyoko online?

You can watch all 95 episodes on free of charge and perfec quality.

Where can you watch all 95 episodes of code lyoko?

just go on youtube type in code lyoko episode 95 in English this is how it is suppost to look like code lyoko episode 95 part 1 English

Will there be a new series related to Code Lyoko?

Yes. It is called Code Lyoko: Evolution, it is currently airing in France with Episodes to be released in the US later this year

What site to go on to watch Code Lyoko?

You can find all the episodes of Code Lyoko on YouTube by searching for Code Lyoko followed by the episode number you wish to see. You can also use streaming services like Netflix or On Demand (if you have them).

Why was code lyoko canceled?

because it had to many episodes and they decided to stop doing them.but the series continues in books

What is code lyoko evolution?

Code Lyoko Evolution is said to be the 5th season or another season of code lyoko. It will contain 26 episodes. And it is rumoured that it will be with live action en CGI animation. They should get rid of the live action though.

How many seasons is in Code Lyoko?

The anime series "Code Lyoko" has five seasons .

Where is a website that has all the episodes of Code Lyoko?

You can watch the episodes on However some of them are not working, but then youtube can help you out;).

Is Code Lyoko ever coming back?

Yes. Code Lyoko has recently returned with a new live-action series entitled Code Lyoko: Evolution. There is currently no English dub, although you can find the episodes with English subtitles (with French audio).

Is there a Code Lyoko Christmas episode?

Yes, there are two Code Lyoko Christmas episodes. Season 2 episode 19 - Cold War and season 4 episode 14 Distant Memory.

Will there be more Code Lyoko?

are you ever get to see jeremys lyoko form in code lyoko? than answer is no

Where Can You Watch Code Lyoko?

You can watch Code Lyoko on

Code lyoko 2 nds game?

The Second Code Lyoko game for the DS is called Code Lyoko: The Fall of XANA

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