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How many episodes in hetalia world series?


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There are 48 episodes in Hetalia World Series.

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In Hetalia World Series there are 48 total episodes

all together there are 101 episodes 52 in Axis Powers Hetalia and 49 in Hetalia World Series

OK the Hetalia series is not yet complete so it may go on forever. BUT, the number of episodes in December 29th 2010 Axis Powers Hetalia - 52 Episodes Hetalia World Series - 38 Episodes (Still More Episodes to be Added) Total Hetalia Episodes - 91 Episodes

There are 24 episodes in the first season of World series.

There are 51 Episodes of the first season in Hetalia Axis Powers.

Hetalia is an anime comedy tha personifies countries. There are two series: Hetalia Axis Powers which is mostly during world war 2, and Hetalia World Series which focuses on many world events. Hetalia World Series has not been dubbed in English yet. Also there is a movie called Hetalia Paint It White in which the earth is invaded by aliens called the nopras and the Allies and the Axis have to team up to save the world.

There are five volumes of the manga series, Hetalia, but there is planning to be a sixth volume in fall of 2013.

Series 1- 8 episodes. Series 2- 12 episodes. Series 3- 20 episodes. Series 4- 20 episodes. Series 5- 20 episodes. Series 6- 20 episodes.

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