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How many episodes of I love Lucy are there?

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There are 179 episodes of I Love Lucy.

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How many episodes were filmed of I love Lucy?

A total of 193 episodes episodes were filmed of I love Lucy.

How Many episodes of I love Lucy?

According To Wikipedia, 194 Episodes Of I Love Lucy Were Produced.

How many total i love Lucy episodes?

From what i have found there are about 182 i love Lucy episodes. OODLES--THERE WERE ACTUALLY 181 EPISODES, but for OODLE collectors, the closest answer choice is 179 episodes.

How many we love lucy episodes were made?


How many I Love Lucy shows are there?

There were a total of 194 episodes of "I Love Lucy" over 9 seasons.

How many years was I Love Lucy on television?

'I Love Lucy' was on for six seasons, 1951 to 1957, with 181 episodes.

How many I Love Lucy episodes are there?


Where can you go to find I Love Lucy episodes?

You Love Lucy doesn't exist, but I, in fact, do love Lucy!

Where can someone find I love lucy episodes in stores?

I Love Lucy episodes DVD can be found on the online stores, such as Amazon, Ebay and Lucy Store. I Love Lucy has 180 episodes that were aired from the year 1951 to the year 1957.

How long are you love Lucy episodes?

Including the credits, I Love Lucy episodes range from 24 to 26 minutes.

How many episodes was Wayne newton on i love Lucy?

None. He was never on "I Love Lucy". He was in one episode of "The Lucy Show" and one episode of "Here's Lucy". Type your answer here...

How many 'I Love Lucy' shows were made?

179 episodes

Where were the California episodes filmed on you Love Lucy?


What episodes on i love Lucy show was her cutting flowers?

In season six of "I Love Lucy," there is an episode titled 'Lucy Raises Tulips.' This is probably the one of which you are thinking.

Where can you find episodes of I Love Lucy online not youTube?


What episodes of I love Lucy mention steubenville?

face to face

How many TV episodes did the series I Love Lucy air?

'I Love Lucy' is a serial television program starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, and Vivian Vance, which ran for 6 seasons, from 1951 to 1957, comprising 181 episodes total.

How many I Love Lucy episodes were made?

According to The Wikimedia Foundation's Wikipedia Desilu Productions and CBS established, produced, directed, debuted, released, and filmed, 193 episodes of the Classic TV sitcom I Love Lucy.Technically there were 180 "I Love Lucy" episodes - including the Christmas Episode. The remaining 13 episodes are part of what we now know as "the Lucy Desi Comedy Hour." Hour long episodes, featuring the same beloved cast as the original series, but with a heavier emphasis on the big name guest stars. These were aired occasionally over the next several years, following "I love Lucy," as specials and as part of Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse.

Where can you watch I Love Lucy The mustache episode?

Probably on TV Land. They show episodes of I Love Lucy at, like, 6:00 in the morning

Where can you watch full episodes of I Love Lucy online?

The hallmark channel.

What are the five best I Love Lucy episodes?

Lucy Is Enceinte , Tennessee Ernie Visits , L.A. at Last , Lucy Goes to the Hospital and Lucy Does a Television Commercial .

Did Desi Arnaz's character Ricky Ricardo play the congas on any I love Lucy episodes?

Yes, on several episodes.

Who played Ethel Mertzon on you love lucy?

On the television show, I Love Lucy, the character Ethel Mertz was played by Vivian Vance. The show aired for 181 episodes.

Are the I Love Lucy sets open to the public?

The studios where most of the I Love Lucy episodes were filmed have changed corporate hands many times, but still exist as working studios. As such, they are not open to the public. They are currently owned and operated by Red Studios.

How many total episodes of I Love Lucy were in its history?

194. See for details. 179 if you want oodles