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1 its just a really big one much luv xxxxxx Adam Green (aka the sex machine) :]

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What protects a camels eye from sand?

they have eye lashes and that protects the eye

What is an animal that has long eye lashes?

Camels have long eye lashes so that the sand in the deserts does not get into there eyes.

Why do camels need there long eye lashes?

to keep out sand

How an a eye lashes help camels?

so it can not get snd in there eyes from courtney

What do camel use their eye lashes for?

Camels eyelashes are for them to help them see:) Camels' long eyelashes serve as a screen to keep out dust and sand in high winds. They can close their eyes part way and the two rows of lashes overlap.

Why do camels have two layers of eye lashes?

To protect their Eyes from sun glare and sand being blown around.

What are the differences between llama and desert camel?

llamas like to spit on you. also camels have many layers of eye lashes that llamas don't havehave a nice day

Why do camels have long eye brows?

The long lashes and eyebrows are thought to help prevent blowing sand hurting their eyes.

How many eye lashes does spongbob have?

Three on each eye

Do elephants have eye lashes?

no they dont elephants do not have eye lashes

How many eyes do camels have?

Camels have one eye.

Who has longer eyelashes camels or giraffes?

camels live in desserts most of the time so they have to blink to keep their eyes watery so they can see where their going. they need longer eye lashes to make sure there eye is clean properly to they cant get an eye infection.

Do fish have eye lashes?

They do not have eye lids, so they cannot have eye lashes. Lashes are also a form of fur so the only kind of animals with lashes are mammals.

How many eye lashes does Minnie Mouse?

3 on each eye!

How many eye lashes do you have on 2 eyes?


How many eye lashes dose spongebob have?

6 three on each eye

How many eyelashes does a camel have?

Camels actually have three eyelids! Two of them have lashes, and the third is thin.

Do birds have eye lashes?

Yes males might have more noticable eye lashes

How do camels adapted to live in there habitat?

they have humps that store water and they have thick eye lashes that protects their eyes from the sand and their thick hoofs enables them to walk.

How do camels live in the desert?

the camels can stay without water for days or months and the camels have double lashes to protect its self from the dust

How many days do eye lashes last?

150 days.

Do chimps have eye lashes?

yes chimps have little lashes

Does eyeliner go inside the lashes or outside the lashes?

It's meant to be for that pink bit at the bottom of your eye just above the bottom eye lashes.

Can close eye with out eye lashes?


What protects the inner eye from dust?

eye lashes

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