How many feet must you drive behind an ambulance?

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150 feet
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How many feet must touch to be a legal catch?

In the NFL, a receiver must have both feet land inbounds for the catch to be legal. In college ball, a receiver must have only one foot land in bounds for the catch to be legal.

How many feet is a safe driving distance at 45 mph?

Five Car lengths, but only if you are on your toes. It depends on how alert you are at the time and if you can see and monitor the tail lights of the chain gang a lot further ahead than the car in front of you. If you are behind a car and it hits a stopped dump truck - can you stop? If you are tired ( Full Answer )

How old you you need to be to drive an ambulance?

As long as you have a drivers license, you can drive anything not requiring CDL :). Most insurance agencies will not insure a driver for an ambulance or fire company though until they are at least 21 with 3 years driving experience. But some companies will let 18 year olds drive. It's a matter of c ( Full Answer )

Why do sirens sound weird when ambulances or fire trucks drive by?

When the vehicle is moving towards you, the sound waves are shoved in front of it, and that makes them sound higher-pitched - then, after it has passed and is moving away from you, the sound waves slow back down and you hear the pitch drop.

When serving a player must have both feet behind the end line?

It depends what sport you are playing. I know that if you are playing volleyball you have to be behind the serving line which is close to the end line. In badminton you have to be behind the service line also which is usually closer to half court

What is the job called where you drive an ambulance?

A paramedic you retard. ------------------------------ EDIT: The person who wrote this isn't only rude, s/he's also not correct. Generally the person who drives the ambulance is most often an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) where as the Paramedic will likely be in the back with the patie ( Full Answer )

How many medics ride in an ambulance?

This depends on the type of ambulance and the area it is operating in. Ambulances are either basic life support (BLS) or advanced life support (ALS). BLS trucks have EMT-basics instead of paramedics. ALS trucks legally must have one paramedic on board, and either an emt-basic in a rural setting, or ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when an ambulance drives away with its lights off?

It could mean several things, a few I know are: You have to pay extra to be transported with lights and siren's. If it is not a life threatening emergency they tend to not put on the lights. However they also do not put on the lights for someone who has passed away.

How many feet should you stay behind a school bus?

While moving, the 2 second rule applies here; stopped, the 'you should be able to see the rear wheels' (of the bus) rule applies. Added: It varies. It depends on the governing statute of the state you are in.

How many ambulances are sold each year?

Roughly in US around 5,000 I was service manager for the largest mfg. of ambulances in the world in the mid-90's. At that time Ford would mfg. 5,000 47-A ambulance chasis of which we would purchase 2,500. The balance 2,500 would be split among the 40 (at that time) other ambulance mfgs.

How many paramedics are in an ambulance?

Depends on the location of the company. Most of the bigger cities have one Paramedic and one Basic on each truck. Some of the smaller cities cant afford to hire Paramedics so they just have a pair of basics on each truck. Also, each state has their own rules, and some states let each county make ( Full Answer )

What information must you give if you called an ambulance to an accident?

There are six points of information: 1. Name and telephone number - introduce yourself 2. Type of emergency - the operator needs to know what personnel and equipment to send 3. Correct address - road name, number, district, suburb and any landmarks 4. Any complications - examp ( Full Answer )

When coming to a stop behind another vehicle stop at least how many feet behind the vehicle in front of you?

Usually, on non-commercial or low occupancy vehicles (passenger cars), there is no posted minimum stopping distance. You can bring your car as close to the stopped vehicle as safely possible, and not be in violation of anything. On some industrial vehicles and most high occupancy vehicles (buses) th ( Full Answer )

How many syllables are in the word ambulance?

3 AM-BU-LANCE, a method to help you is to clap at the same time that your saying the word. Then just count how many claps you made then that's how many syllables there is.

How many feet behind an emergency vehicle can you drive?

Normally about 100 feet depending upon speed. I once passed an ambulance with full lights going. It was only going 45 mph on a 55 mph road. I wanted to do 55mph so I passed it. It was hard to see ahead of the ambulance to pass because of the blinding flashers, but I made it ok. Left the ambulance ( Full Answer )

Is there a minimum of 300 ft behind an emergency vehicle in pursuit that one must drive?

The distance one must maintain behind an emergency vehicle actively engaged in a response, or a pursuit, will vary by state regulations, and even sometimes by local jurisdiction. Fire apparatus customarily has this distance stenciled on the back of the equipment. If it is a law enforcement or emerge ( Full Answer )

How many patients have died in a ambulance ride?

It is hard to answer that question. Almost every 15 seconds somewhere in the US there is an ambulance going out to rescue someone from an emergency. A patient could clinically die (go into cardiac arrest) in the back of the ambulance, but they are not legally dead until they reach the emergency ro ( Full Answer )

How many words can you make out of ambulance?

An , blue , lance , cam , bane , clue , can , am , ace , lane , lamb , ban , name , mane , clam , male , lame , bun , nub , numb , bum , lea , able ,

When following a 18 wheeler truck in a car how many feet behind do you follow?

It is best to follow 100 feet or more. This gives you space to react to and avoid debris flying back at your car, and more than enough room to stop in the event of an emergency. Added: While the "10 feet for every 10 MPH of speed rule" is a good guideline, the above answer is a good one for follo ( Full Answer )

Did Walt Disney drive ambulances in world war 2?

yes he did. he wanted to fight in world war 2 with his brothers but he was to young so he drove an ambulance Well, actually, he was an ambulance driver immediately following WW I.

How many feet away should you be behind a car towing?

The same distance you should be behind any vehicle. 3 seconds iswhat most experts recommend on dry pavement. In heavy traffic, atnight, or when weather conditions are not ideal (eg. light rain,light fog, light snow), double the three second rule to sixseconds, for added safety. If the weather condit ( Full Answer )

How many feet should you follow behind an ambulance?

Following an ambulance without its lights should be done like any other vehicle, a car length for every 10 mph. If the lights are on, 50 yards is a good distance to stay back. Emergency vehicles can and do make erratic lane changes and starts and stops.

How many feet should you stay behind a car when its raining?

It is very hard to give a certain answer in feed, there are so manyvariables. Visibility, how hard is it raining? has it just startedraining? is the road already soaked. As a rule of thumb it sould be4 car lengths, but probably wise giving 6 for extra safety,certainly as the speed increases if you w ( Full Answer )

How many feet do you have to be from another car while driving?

This depends on your speed. From a legalistic standpoint, there is no set distance; that's not to say you wouldn't get pulled over for tailgating. In general, you should keep enough distance between you and the vehicle in front of you so that if they were to suddenly slam on the brakes, you wouldn't ( Full Answer )

Who is in an ambulance?

Ambulances are commonly staffed in two person crews. The type of licensure these people have depend on the type of ambulance they are operating in. There are two different types of ambulances: Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS). A BLS truck is staffed with at least one EMT-Bas ( Full Answer )

How many feet must you have to stop while driving 55 miles per hour?

The UK highway code uses the formula: distance = thinking_distance + braking_distance = speed + speed 2 ÷ 20 . with speed in mph and distance in feet. This is for a normal, unaffected, person in a vehicle with good brakes and tyres, and dry conditions. So for 55 mph, the stopping dis ( Full Answer )

What are the requirements to drive medical vehicles such as an ambulance?

This is dependent on location as requirements differ state-to-state and between countries. In Australia some states require a light-rigid truck license. In the US there are a number of ambulance shapes and sizes and this can require different skill sets for different vehicles.

How many feet do you need to be behind a car with your brights on?

You need to not use your brights when behind a vehicle unless there is reasonable distance. A few car lengths is not enough. My rule of thumb is, if I can see THEIR headlight pattern on the road in front of them, no brights. High beams are blinding, especially today with the higher brightness bulbs ( Full Answer )