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That depends on how hard you throw it, or how far you drop it.

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Q: How many feet per second does a bazooka BB gun go?
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Is a bazooka a real gun?

No, it was a rocket launcher.

What shoots faster a gun that shoots 280 feet per second or a gun that shoots 700 feet?

Depends on how fast the gun that shoots 700 feet gets it projectile to 700 feet.

How many feet per second can a green gas airsoft gun go?

400-500 fps.

Which best 2 weapons where used in the war?

a machine gun and a bazooka.

What is fps on a bow or gun?

Feet per second

What year was the bazooka gun invented?

It was invented during WW2 by Robert Goddard.

If a gun is fired straight upward and the bullet leaves the gun at 100ft per second after 2 seconds the velocity of the bullet is 36 feet per second what is the velocity after 3 seconds?

Since the bullet is fired straight upward, it will be decelerating due to gravity acting in the opposite direction of its initial velocity. Thus, at t = 3 seconds, the velocity will be less than 36ft per second but still positive (as it's moving upward). To calculate the exact velocity, you would need to use the kinematic equation for velocity in one dimension.

How many feet per second does the Predator PR1000 paintball gun travel?

The legal limit is 300 feet per second. Some fields restrict this to 280 or 260 fps.

What does fts stand for on a bb gun?

FPS = feet per second.

How many fbs does a red rider bb gun have?

Do you mean FPS (Feet Per Second) It's rated at 350 FPS.

How many feet per second does a benjamen sheradin pellet gun shoot?

Sheridan has more than one model. Which one are you asking about.

How fast does a machine gun bullet travel?

Generally speaking, machine gun bullets travel at the same velocity as any other gun in the same caliber with the same length barrel. Bullets from guns can travel as slow as a few hundred feet per second up to 2000 feet per second (or more) depending on what it is.