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Q: How many films has Gene Hackman been in?
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How many movie appearances has Gene Hackman made?


How many movies have Gene Hackman been in?

As of May 2009, Gene Hackman has 100 acting credits. Some of these are television roles. His first film was "Mad Dog Coll" (1961). He played an uncredited cop. His most recent film was "Welcome To Mooseport" (2004).

How many movies has Gene Hackman been in?

Almost of his filmography is below.

How many Oscars did Gene Hackman win?

Gene Hackman received two Oscars: Best Actor for The French Connection (1971) and Best Supporting Actor for Unforgiven (1992).

It shows that Gene Hackman hasn't made a movie since 2004 Is he Ok?

Like many people at age 74, in that year Gene Hackman decided to retire from a job he found grueling. He now writes and does commentary.

How many times has Gene Hackman's characters died in their movie?

The link below lists twelve films where the character portrayed or voiced by Gene Hackman dies during the course of the film. Warning: this site makes no attempt to prevent spoilers, in which knowing that someone dies, prior to seeing a film, would severely compromise the enjoyment of a film. Don't say I didn't warn you!

How many Clint Eastwood productions has Gene Hackman played in?

Please withdraw my question as I see in relevant answers that it has already been answered (partially) at least.

How many siblings does Gene Hackman have?

One. Gene Hackman [b. January 30, 1930] has a brother called Richard [b. 1942], who was born the year before their parents, Eugene Ezra Hackman and Lyda Gray Hackman, divorced. The younger Hackman was 20 years old when his mother died in a fire, from a cigarette igniting the mattress of her bed. Both brothers acknowledge the role of their maternal grandmother, Beatrice Gray, in their upbringing.

Is gene hack man a christian?

I have yet to see any claim by Gene Hackman himself declaring to be a Christian or part of any Catholic or Protestant denomination. I searched through many web sites and biographies of Gene Hackman (one of my personal all time favorites). His television biography does not state he is a Christian either.

How many films have there been?

There have been no exact numbers of films but there are around 33000

Who is the most famous U S Marine in show business?

There have been many people who are in show business that served in the U.S. Marines. Perhaps the most famous of them are Drew Carey, Don Imus, Gene Hackman, and Montel Williams.

How many Oscars did unforgiven win?

Four: Best Picture, Best Director (Clint Eastwood), Best Supporting Actor (Gene Hackman) and Editing.

How many predator films has there been?

There has been two predator films and 2 alien vs predator films. So predator has been in four films

How many films has Jim Carrey been in?

23 films

How many films has Sean Connery been in?

80 films

How many films has Daniel Radcliffebeen in?

been in 12 films

How many films has Matt Damon been in?

Matt Damon has been in approximately 60 films.

How many films has vinnie Jones been in?

he has been in 99

How many films has Dominic Monaghan been in?

He has been in eleven feature films not including the two upcoming films 'Soldiers of Fortune' and 'Pets' .

How many vampire films have been made?

As of May 2014, there have been hundreds of vampire films made over the years. The most popular vampire films were the Twilight films.

How many films has Johnny Depp been in?

The total is approximately 45 films.

How many films has Cheryl Cole been in?

I think she has been in several films but her Mum is still waiting for them to be developed.

How many films has Emily blunt been in?

As of May 2012, she has completed 23 films.

How many films has Sacha Baron Cohen been in?

So far, 24 films

How many films Morgan Freeman acted in?

Since 1964 he has been in 87 films.