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Q: How many fires are reported in the work place in the US on an average day?
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How many tornadoes are reported nationwide in an average a year?

About 1000 on average

How many homes were destroyed in the Black Saturday fires?

Australia's ABC news service reported that there were 2029 houses destroyed in the Black Saturday bushfires.

How many tornadoes are reported in a year?

over a 1000 and a 1000 tornadoes are on average per year

On average how many cruise ship accidents are reported per year?

On average there are about 4-5 cruise ship accidents reported per year. This includes crippled, damaged and sunken ships. The last one was in February in Baghdad.

How many tornadoes are reported nation wide every year?

There are 1200 tornadoes recorded in an average years.

How many UFO have been seen in 2010?

On average there are over 600 reported sightings of UFOs annually.

What was the average salary of a post MBA student in 2012 in the US?

Many business schools reported that over 90% od their class had a job offers three months after graduation and 123 schools reported average salaries in excess of $75,000.

How many forest fires have there been in the last ten years?

There are many forest fires that have happened in the last 10 years. There have been many thousands of fires.

How many tornadoes are reported in the average year?

Worldwide figures are not available. In the U.S. a average of about 1500 tornadoes are reported each year of which 1200 to 1300 are confirmed. Some tornado reports are not confirmed as tornadoes, and sometimes there are multiple reports of the same tornado.

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