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Well, the legal FPS for an airsoft gun is 450, but you can get snipers, AEG's, etc. that run up to 600 FPS and beyond.

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Q: How many fps does a c02 propelled airsoft gun pellet fly?
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What is the difference between a bullet and a pellet?

As a very general rule, bullets are propelled by burning powder, pellets by air or C02

Do C02 Guns Sting?

Yes. If it's an airsoft it will sting. If its a BB gun or pellet gun it can penetrate the skin and do damage to a person.

What do CO2 pellet gun cartridges do?

Use C02 to propell the pellet

How fast does a pellet to a airsoft gun travel?

It all depends on the gun and what powers it. Pump. Green gas, C02, Spring. Some fire at 150 FPS some fire at 450 FPS. (Feet per second)

How long does it take until the co2 can empties when not shooting?

Yes. In fact it's not recommended to leave a charged C02 pellet in a BB gun. It will eventually rupture the seals. After shooting release the C02 gas. If you have a pistol that requires a pellet to be in the handle so the grip can stay attached, then leave a discharged C02 pellet in the handle to keep the grip in place.

Why do pellet guns need co2?

Not all pellet guns use C02 some are designed to use a spring or pump. Pellet guns that use C02 are rapid fire guns and do not require re-cocking or pumping between each shot. BUT they usually have less power that spring or pump pellet guns.

How do you make an airsoft mortar without explosives or c02?

Why would you want to? That sounds lame.

How do you identify a pellet rifle?

A pellet rifle has no firing pin. It also can not fire a bullet or gunpowder. It can not be made to do so either. The pellet has no charge (casing like a bullet) it just a pellet. However pellet rifles can be just as deadly as a real firearm. They use Air or C02 to project the pellet downrange. Some Pellet rifles are used for hunting, others for target practice. The Major difference between a firearm and an air rifle, is Gunpowder is use in Firearms and Air or C02 is used in Air rifles.

Will a 16 gram co2 cartidge fit into a pellet rifle?

Not normally. In fact I can not think of any pellet rifle that takes a 16 gram C02 cartridge.

Is a pump action pellet gun the same as a air pellet gun?

Yes. Pellet guns are: Pump action, C02 driven, Spring action. The more powerful ones are called PCP. (Precharged pneumatic. ) They use a Tire pump or scuba tank to charge them. All Air Guns & Air Rifles are driven by Air or C02.

How much louder is a co2 pellet gun compared to an air pellet gun?

They are about the same, depending on the pistol. C02 has a tendency to be a little louder on certain pistols but not much difference.

How much propane is in an airsoft gas pistol at one time?

ZERO! you don't use propane you use C02.