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Hundreds of thousands

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Q: How many freshwater lakes are there?
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Are the great lakes salt or freshwater?


Are the Great Lakes saltwater or freshwater?

Lakes Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior are all freshwater lakes.

Can Amphibians live in Lakes?

Freshwater Lakes.

Where is freshwater found?

Freshwater is found in lakes and rivers.

Where is the largest group of freshwater lakes?

The largest group of freshwater lakes are located in North America.

How much of Earth's surface freshwater is found in lakes?

Approximately 27.5% of freshwater can be found in lakes.

What has more freshwater lakes and rivers or groundwater?

groundwater has more freshwater than rivers and lakes

What are freshwater bodies?


Where can you find freshwater ecosystems?

In freshwater lakes/ponds/rivers.

Is a lake salt water or freshwater?

Lakes will usually have freshwater.

Is a lake a freshwater or salt water?

Lakes will usually have freshwater.

Do all lakes have salt water in them?

no. there are some freshwater lakes.

Is lakes saltwater?

They are usually freshwater

How do you use freshwater in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.Rivers and lakes are freshwater bodies.Many freshwater lakes connect to the ocean eventually.Freshwater currents can be tricky to canoe through.

What lives in lakes?

Freshwater fish live in lakes. Algae also live in lakes.

What two freshwater Canadian lakes are among the top 12 largest freshwater lakes in the world?

Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake are two Canadian freshwater lakes that are among the world's 12 largest freshwater lakes. Lake Superior, bordered by both Canada and the United States is the largest freshwater lake in the world.

Are lakes freshwater or saltwater?

Most lakes are freshwater, but there are some that are saltwater. The Great Salt Lake and the Dead Sea are saltwater.

Which has more freshwater lakes and rivers or groundwater?


Why are the great lakes salty?

They are NOT salty. The Great Lakes are all freshwater.

How do the Great Lakes compare to other groups of freshwater lakes?


What kind of seafood live in the freshwater lakes of the Carolinas?

The Carolinas have many exciting -and tasty- freshwater fishes such as perch, bass, and catfish.

Which continent has the largest group of freshwater lakes?

The continent with the largest group of freshwater lakes is North America. The lakes are Michigan, Huron, Lake Superior, Erie and Ontario.

The Great Lakes are the world's largest group of freshwater lakes.?

Yes. The Great Lakes are the largest body of freshwater lakes. They were formed by Glaciers that melted. The glaciers came from the north eventually melting to form the Great Lakes.

Where is most of the freshwater in the US found?

Most of the freshwater in the US is the Great Lakes.

Do freshwater lakes have magnesium in it?

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