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How many gallons of gas does a 98 dodge Dakota hold?


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2006-05-31 02:46:17
2006-05-31 02:46:17

22 gallons if you have the optional tank 15 gallons.


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The fuel tank capacity is 22 US gals.

I have a 1999 dodge caravan SE and it holds 17 gallons.

A 3500 pick up will hold around five gallons. A 3500 cab and chassis will hold about eight gallons.

Depends on the year, but most are around 35 gallons.

Short bed - 26 gallons Long bed - 35 gallons

Long Beds 35 gallons Short Bed 26 gallons

The two tank options where 26 gallons and 35 gallons.

Assuming you asking about the fuel tank capacity, 35 US Gallons.

I have a 2005 Dodge Magnum SXT that holds 19.5 gallons, which is more gas than an SE can hold but the same as the RT. Hope this helps.

26 gallons for short box for long box 32 gallons

Short bed holds 34 gallons Long bed holds 35 gallons

There wasn't a 1993 Neon. A 1995-2000 Neon would hold approximately 12.5 gallons.

It hold 20 gallons.It hold 20 gallons.

The gas tank holds 20 US gallons of fuel.

For which one? 1500, 2500? I believe the 1500 holds 26 gallons and the 2500 is 31 gallons.

16 gallons, although you can squeeze in a bit more than that if you pump your gas slowly.

I get about 20-22 mpg on my 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan. Not sure how many gallons of gas it holds.

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