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Approx 208544914 US gallons.

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40 square feet * 2 inches = 40*(1/6) = 6.66... cubic ft = 41.5 UK gallons or 49.9 US gallons (approx).

Depends on how deep the pool is. Every square foot that is one foot deep has 7.5 gallons in it. So if the pool is 4 feet deep, you'll have 30 gallons for every square foot. A cubic foot actually is 7.481 gallons, or 7.48

Here is my take: 1 gallon of water equals 231 cubic inches 1 square foot, 1 inch tall equals 144 cubic inches (12"x12"X1") 1 square foot needs 0.624 gallons to equal 1 inch of cover (144 cubic inched divided by 231 cubic inches) 16 square feet would require 9.975 gallons of water to be covered 1 inch deep. (16*0.624) **Runsky**

How deep do you want that ?If you want it 1.6 inches deep, then it can cover 1 square foot.If you want it 10-ft deep, then it can't cover that much area.

5000 x 1/12 = 416.67 cubic feet At 7.48 gallons per cubic foot, that is 7.48 x 416.67 = 3117 gallons

1 square foot = 144 square inches1 gallon = 231 cubic inchesVolume = (16 x 144 x 6) = 13,824 cubic inches = (13,824 / 231) = 59.844 gallons (rounded)

It depends on how deep the water is over the area it covers. 1 gallon = 231 cubic inches. If the water is 1 inch deep, it can cover an area of 231 square inches. If it's 231 inches deep, it can only cover an area of 1 square inch.

2 mi2 x 2 in = 9.293x106 ft3 = 6.951x107 gallons

27,154 gallons for every inch deep

Covering that area requires 5.00507794 × 1011 US gallons of water.

In order to cover 7,000 acres 183.5-ft deep, you'll need . . .-- 0.38012 cubic mile-- 55,952,820,000 cubic feet-- 418,556,160,000 gallons-- 96,686,472,960,000 cubic inches

This question requires a lot of assumptions to answer s the best I can do is give you several answers and hope one of them hits the mark. One cubic foot contains 7.48 gallons. 1. There is no gallons of water in 310 square feet because this is a 2 dimensional figure. 2. There are about 232 gallons if you filled that area 1 foot deep. 3. There are about 464 gallons if you filled that area 2 feet deep. 3 There are about 696 gallons if you filled that area 3 feet deep. We could go on but I am hoping this answers your question.

It takes 0.6234 gallon (rounded) to cover one square foot of area 1 inch deep.

1 acre is 6,272,640 square inches. Since you want to cover it one inch deep you need 6,272,640 cubic inches of water. There are 231 cubic inches in a gallon. So divide 6,272,640 by 231 and you get 27,154.2857 gallons! HOWEVER: If you want to save water, consider this: When water freezes, it increases in volume about 9%. So if you used ICE to cover your acre and only needed the ice to be 1 inch deep, you could use 9% less water to start with! (I'll let you do the math on that.) Ice is still water, so unless you are asked to use LIQUID water this question has 2 answers.

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