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Q: How many gallons of water to serve 150 people?
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How many gallons of Rita's water ice are needed to serve 350 people?

The answer depends on how much is served to each person.

How many gallons of tea do you need to serve 60 people?

7 1/2 gallons

How many pints of gravy will serve 80 people?

You would need approximately 5-8 pints of gravy to serve 80 people, depending on how much gravy each person typically uses. It's generally a good idea to have extra to account for preferences and second servings.

How many gallons of tea do you need to serve 200 people?

I would get instant tea and a big pot. Put in water and stir in tea until it is the strength you want. If you want something a bit different add blueberry juice, cranberry juice to the tea. This is called Boston tea and is very refreshing. Stir in ice for a cool drink.

How many gallons of milk do you need to serve 120 people?

You would need 7.5 gallons to get 120 8 ounce servings.

How many gallons of coffee would be need to serve 1300 people?

81.25 gallons....serving each person 8 oz of coffee.

How many gallons of orange juice serves 100 people?

About 4 gallons, allowing for an 8 oz. serving, One gallon will serve about 16 people.

How many people will five gallons serve?

The number of people is (640) divided by (the number of ounces that each person consumes) .

How many gallons does 10 gallons serve?

About 5 or 6 bucks.

How many people waists water?

well a few thousands of people waist hundreds of gallons of water everyday

How many people does the ambatale water treatment plant serve?

500,000 people

How many gallons of water is in M3 of water?

264.172 gallons.