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To date: 29.

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Q: How many games did the Canadiens win?
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How many stanleycups did the Montreal Canadiens win?


Did the Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup in 2008?

No, the Montreal Canadiens did not win in 2008.

How many games did the Canadiens win in the regular season in 2006-2007?

The Canadiens 2006-2007 regular season record was 42-34 with 6 overtime losses for a total of 90 points.

Did Montreal win the Stanley cup in 1977?

The Montreal Canadiens swept the Boston Bruins in 4 games to win the 1977 Stanley Cup.

How many Stanley cups did Montreal Canadiens win from 1909 to 2010?

The Montreal Canadiens won 24 Stanley Cups from 1909 to 2010

How many trophies did the Canadiens win?

24 Stanley cups so far.

Did the Montreal Canadiens win the cup in 1992?

No - Pittsburgh Penguins defeated Chicago Blackhawks 4 games to 0.

How many cups did the Montreal Canadiens win in the 1950s?

The Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup 5 times in the 1950s, in 53, 56, 57, 58, and 59,

Who played the most games with the Montreal Canadiens?

Henri Richard played 1,256 games for the Canadiens from 1955 to 1975

When did the Montreal Canadiens win their first Stanley Cup?

The Montreal Canadiens won their first Stanley Cup in 1916.

When did the Canadiens win their last Stanley cup?


How many times did Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley cup from 1963 to 1973?

Six times, including 1973

Who did Calgary beat to win the Stanley cup?

Montreal Canadiens

What year was the Canadiens 13th stanley cup win?


When was the last time the Montreal Canadiens won 6 games in a row?

no 100% sure but in 2009-10 they win 6 games in a row from march 6th through march 16th

How many years in a row did the Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley cup?

5 i think it was in the 1960's im not 100%

How many times have the Toronto Maple Leafs beaten the Montreal Canadiens?

none cause the leafs dont win nothing

Last canadiens player to win rookie of the year?

Ken Dryden

Which team won the Stanely Cup in 1969?

The Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup in 1969. They swept the St.Louis Blues in 4 games to win the cup.

How many Stanley Cups did Patrick Roy win?

Four. Two with the Canadiens (1986, 1993) and two with the Avalanche (1996, 2001).

How many games did the Bruins and Canadiens play in the Stanley Cup Quarterfinals in 2011?

7 games. Boston won the series 4-3

What team name did the hockey detroit red wings defeated in 1954?

The Red Wings defeated the Montreal Canadiens in 7 games to win the 1954 Stanley Cup.

Who did the Calgary Flames win the Stanley Cup against?

The Montreal Canadiens in 1989.

With which team did Chris Chelios win his first Stanley Cup?

Montreal Canadiens

Have the Montreal Canadiens ever come from a 3 to 0 playoff deficit to win?