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Geckos are kept commonly in the reptile hobby and for the most part, are not endangered or restricted. There are few species of gecko that are endangered such as the: Monito Gecko, Reunion Island day gecko.

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Q: How many geckos are in the wild?
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How many leopard geckos are left in the wild?

you can't know how many are left in the wild because they multiply everyday.

Where do you get geckos?

in the zoo or the wild or up ma bum

Why do leopard geckos act different in the wild?

Because the Geckos we have as pets for years and years no menmber of their family has been wild so they are very inbred and have become very different to what they should be like in the wild

Do wild geckos live in Palm Springs ca?

Yes i heard of these this called penis geckos they eat penises of of men.

Do wild geckos eat insects?

i think it depends on the type of gecko

How many desert geckos are left in the wild?

There are dozens of species of gecko that live in deserts around the world and millions of square miles of deserts. Geckos are very secretive animals and most species emerge at night only. It is absolutely impossible to ever take a census of desert geckos.

What do you feed wild geckos from Florida without buying food?

crickets its simple

Is it safe to have geckos running free in your home they are not store bought they are wild?

It depends what breed they are really, also it is illegal in some countries to take geckos and skinks from the wild, such as new zealand. Tiny pink geckos in American Southwest often live in homes, and are useful to help control small bugs.

Do leopard geckos have the very fine hairs on their feet that enable them to stick?

Leopard geckos are one of the few geckos that don't 'stick' they have little claws instead this is because in the wild they dont climb walls only rocks.

Do wild geckos drink water?

Yes, every animal will need to drink water.

What are all the gecko breeds?

* Leopard geckos * Crested Geckos * White Lined Geckos (Skunk Geckos) * Fat-Tailed Geckos * House Geckos * Tokay Geckos * Golden Geckos * Madagascar Ground Geckos * Day Geckos

What are wild geckos favorite food?

Depending on the specie of gecko will determine their diet. Some geckos are insectivores, relying on a variety of live feeders as a stable diet and other geckos are omnivorous, relying on a variety of live feeders as well as fruits, saps and pollen.