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How many goals has ramires scored for Chelsea?


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Didier Drogba has scored 93 goals for Chelsea.

He ha scored no goal for Chelsea to date

Mikel obi Never scored for chelsea

He has scored no goal for Chelsea to date.

As of 05.02.2011, he has scored 56 goals in total for Chelsea FC, in all tournaments.

How many goals has he scored in chelsea

Messi has never scored against Chelsea before!!

Thierry scored ten goals against Chelsea in all competitions for Arsenal.

123goals for this 2010_2011

Florent Malouda has scored 22 headered goals for Chelsea FC this season ! Answer by C.... B ......

mikel obi has scored 2 goals altogether for Chelsea

He has scored no goals against Chelsea but he has scored 5 in 32 appearances for them

94 for Chelsea and 56 for stuttgart

Didier Drogba has scored a totall goals of 183 in the 5 years he has playes to chelsea

he has scored two goals for chelsea fc, in carling and fa cup respectively

He has got 6 goals in 9 apperancs against Chelsea (i don't know how many are from starting or as sub)

I have no idea, but Chelsea is awesome.

46 penalties for chelsea so out of 171 goals 125 are not penalties

They scored 134 goals this season, and counting (considering there is also one game left today - Boxing day).

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