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How many gold medal does Egypt has in all the Olympics by who?

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2008-08-27 22:20:41

Through the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing, Egypt has won 7 gold

medals. They have also won 7 silver and 10 bronze for a total of 24

medals won. Gold Medal Winners - 1) El Sayed Nosseir - light

heavyweight weightlifting at the 1928 Games.

2) Ibrahim Moustafa - light heavyweight Greco-Roman wrestling at

the 1928 Games.

3) Anwar Mesbah - lightweight weightlifting at the 1936


4) Khadr El Touni - middleweight weightlifting at the 1936


5) Mahmoud Fayad - featherweight weightlifting at the 1948


6) Ibrahim Shams - lightweight weightlifting at the 1948


7) Karam Gaber - 96 kg Greco-Roman wrestling at the 2004


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