How many grams equal one carb?

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A carbohydrate is food, like sugar or starch, that is high in energy. The body's preferred source of energy. this question is incoherent because there is no gram count that equals a carb. you can have a measure of carbs that is in the unit "grams." for example, on the side of many food containers (in fact, all food containers) under "nutrition facts."

But if what you really want to ask is how many calories in one gram of carbohydrate, the answer is four. Four calories also in one gram of protein and nine calories in a gram of fat.

Gram is a measurement of weight. Carbohydrate is a molecule, a food.

When a low-carb recipe or product advertises that it contains "3 carbs" or "5 carbs," they're usually talking about net grams, that is, grams of carbohydrate minus grams of fiber. I carbohydrate choice is equal to 15 grams.

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Q: How many grams equal one carb?
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