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is about 1000g

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Q: How many grams is a kellogs cereal box?
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What color was rice krispie treat cereal box?

It's a Purple Box. I found it on the Kellogs website.

Does Kellogs have any cereal coupons available?

Kellogs usually offers coupons once a week in the Sunday circular. Look for their ads or General Mills and you may save a few cents off of a box of cereal.

How much does box of cereal weigh in grams?

It depends on what box of cereal it is

What is the mass of a cereal box grams?

a box of cereal is 450 g in weight

How many calories and grams of fat are in a box of cereal?

read the label!

How many cups of cereal in a box?

There are roughly 30 grams in one cup of a typical cereal such as cheerios.

Mass of a box of cereal?

Ranges from 10-50 grams. The mass of a full box is shown on the front of the box.

How much does your box of cereal weigh?

Your normal box of cereal would probably weigh 500g (500grams) The normal box of cereal being kellogs cereal. There is no average cereal box size. There are several standard sizes for cereal boxes including: 13 oz. (370 g.), 14 oz (396 g.), 16.2 oz (459 g), 18 oz (510 g)

How much grams is a box of cereal?


A box of cereal weighs 450 grams how many kilograms does it weigh?

.45 Kg

What is the mass of a full box of cereal in grams?

4 grams

What is the mass of the box in grams?

a box of cereal is 450 g in weight